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ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) lyrics - Mudface

Muddy Muddy

Original and similar lyrics
I be ticking like a time bomb ready to explode And when I do ain’t no telling how far I’ma go I got a hair trigger attitude, watch what you say Beside I ain’t shot a stupid motherfucker all day I’ve been waiting for the right time and this is it Let me introduce myself, mudface bitch Just another spirit jumping into the soul Of a well known killa that be out of control [Chorus x2] What are you gonna do (another face on the totem pole) When I get there (another face on the totem pole) Muddy Muddy This is my time to shine, I’ma show you what I’m made of Strong like a dinosaur but silly as some trippy drugs Smacking ya’ll in the face with a laugh Funny bone of the totem pole, do the math Resurrected from the past on, Learn the history of these warriors because we may not last long The silhouettes you see are just thoughts of me Ready to open your mind and feed it energy [Chorus x2] My microphone is like an eagle feather very extinct Too hot to hold so don’t even think about it Can’t nobody do it like me cause I’m just a ghost And I don’t need to breathe faster than the blink of an eye Top notch speed, you can’t see me I guess that’s why I’m so underground Cause a native like me don’t be fucking around [Chorus x4]

In Gotti We Trust

KURUPT "Streetlights"
[Xzibit:] TRS Morton. Kurupt. Young Gotti. 8th Wonder of the world. AAAAAAAAA Look... I'm shitting on niggas. Magnum rock hot live with Prada attire. Fire starter from barter Carve a live wire. Fly all fire. Sire murder for hire. I'm smashing on niggas Half way to eliminator brevetting interrogate sass nate third gate blasting on niggas Four blocks flipping dipping spazing on niggas Niggas. Niggas. I'm like fuck ya'll niggas Slow motion coasting ocean water flow so out of the ordinary canary diamond exquisite listen to wizardry the ever wizard extensive pimping. I'm sick of this shit. Time to get another whip and get another bitch Time to flip another king and flip another bitch so the bitches friend can make them both suck a niggas dick [Xzibit:] AAA. King pen Kurupt. The federal we serve in Gotti we trust. We hit them up like (bird call like whistle) What's cracking. You get no love. No passes. No action. That's what popping. What it is. What's happening. Ganstas smash for respect. Fuck asking. The last man laughing. The last man standing. Fuck Young Gotti with a cannon. God dammit let's get it! Look. You can line em all up. Remind them all what the fuck Kurupt done off this terroristic mental lyrical past time spitting darts at your heart. What ya'll spitting is asinine. Yeah. A Yo its no doubt. Your ho is scream and a shout I turn this muth fucka out. I'm chromed up and ready. I'm bullet proof and heavy artillery My chevy I'm steady rocking. I'm ready baby. Ain't nobody gon stop this feeling Dumping thunder bumping common suits and villains. They got me under surveillance cantons interchanging and radiating and vaguing Push and go in which we waiting electrifying them slept on. Stepped on. Creeping, crept on but I'm ready Knife ya vice ya your ice is nice. I slash and slice. I paid the price. I'll take your life. Mutha fucka!!! Fucka, fucka, fucka

Chyna Girl

(Verse 1) Lies on my breath, I am drowning in my dread The wind is getting strong The wind is getting stronger… There's no second chance When the devils make you dance The sky is getting dark The sky is getting dark (Chorus) Can't you see, can't you see We were never meant to be It's no secret That I'm your Chyna Girl… Don't you know, don't you know That it's time for me to go It's no secret That I'm your Chyna Girl… (Verse 2) No turning back No questions left to ask The tide is getting high The tide is getting higher I'm not afraid I decided on this fate It's time to face the storm It's time to face the storm (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) You live you learn And right now my scarlet letter burns But I won't hide I'll face what's mine (Repeat Verse 1, Repeat Chorus

Moment Of Clarity

JAY-Z "The Black Album"
whoo, chea, chea, chea turn da music up turn the lights down i'm in my zone Chorus thank god for granting me this moment of calrity this moment of honesty the world will feel my truth from my hard knock life time to the gift and the curse i gave you volume after volume of my work so you can feel my truth i built a dynasty by bein one of the realest niggas out way beyond reason yall can't doubt from my blueprint beginning to my black album ending if you listen close you'll hear what i'm about Jay-z pop died didn't cry didn't know him that well between him doin heroine and me doin crack sales put that in an eggshell standing at the tabernacle rather the church pretending to be hurt wouldn't work so a smurk was all on my face like damn that man's face is just like my face so pop i forgive u for all the shit that i lived through i wasn't all your fault u got caught and to the same game i fought that uncle ray lost my big brothers and so many others i saw i'm just glad we got to see each other talk and re meet each other save a place in heaven for the next time we meet each other Chorus Jay-z Music is to take me cause the industry didn't make me hustlers and boosters embrace me in the music i be makin i dumped down from my audience doubled my dollars they criticize me yet they all yell holla if skillz sold truth be told i probably be lyrically talib kwalie truthfully yall wanna rhyme like common sense but i did 5 mics but i ain't been rhymin like common sense when your sense got that much in common and you been hustlin' since your enception fuck perception go wit what make sense since i know what i'm up against we as rappers must decide what is most impoortant and i can't help the poor if i'm one of them so i got rich and gave back to me so that's a win win so next time you see the homie wit his rims spin just know my mind is workin like them the the rims that is Chorus see what's on the tear with no tears should fall see what's on the block when no spuares get off seein my inner circle all we do is ball till we all got triangles on our walls they just rappin for the platinum yall record i recall cause i really been there before 4 scores a seven years ago prepare for flow prepare for war i should fear no man but you don't hear me though these words ain't just ain't just prepared to go in one ear and out he other ear no yo my balls and my words is alls i have what you gonna do to me nigga a scar's a scab what you gonna box me home i could dodge a jab 3 shots couldn't touch me thank god for that i'm strong enough to carry Biggie Smalls on my back and the whole bk holla back Chorus


BILAL "1st Born Second"
[Mos Def] Yo Just when I think that I've forgot you I hear that thug that we used to rock to Just When I think I'm gettin' on without you Somebody Passed and asked me about you Was in the back of the cab the other day Swear to God I saw you walking passed the other way My heart rushed, my face flushed Tell the driver hit the breaks slow the pace up Wait up, It wasn't you Realised it's a mirage I was running to Damn, can the affects of Love and time Cause the mind to trick the eye? I wonder how you gettin' by And all the stars still in your eyes But you still just get the five You break the bank to spend the time I reminisce of shifting time, to when you was mine [Bilal] Years ago, in a mist of hallways and sliding doors Missing links of family very obscure Vision of you shine But only for a short time My mistake I didn't pick up on it till years down the line Here now as I (reminisce) reminisce, will I ever see your face again? (In-fect-ion) Baby as I lay back (reminisce) will I ever see your face again. (In-fect-ion) As I reminisce (fect-ion) as I reminisce (In-fect-ion) [Bilal] (Common) Hold still (uh) The devine has placed us In a small world (yes) And thankfully so (Thank God) Our paths cross once more And to whose surprise but mine Was 14th and 6th was the placed where we combine once more There at the front door of the cornor store you stood. (reminisce) I reminisce Infection (In-fect-ion) as I lay back (reminisce) will I ever see our face again (In-fect-ion) As I reminisce (In-fect-ion) As I reminisce (In-fect-ion) A happy story always ends As it starts But with few exceptions involved We became an item (Me For You) Me for you and (You For Me) You for me (Through Good Times and Bad Times) Good times (Sickness And Health) Sickness and health (Broke ass and richness) Broke ass, and richness, baby we made it work [Common] Yes Sir Yo I reminisce over this chick Colder than a soda Princess a soldier Raised in Islamic culture Sexy as the girl on the Jamaica poster Men are over seas where there really don't be no sistas Brought her on stage as Bilal sang Soul Sista In body parts the blood was thicker Sweet only tryna make sure it ain't the liquor She was with a nigga come to find out She and Sista backstage, conversation kissed her Made me forget to remember that I pimp the dime Put the pimpin' aside I see Kenya in her eye Our connection lies in a life before For us to meet again was devine law So I can't describe how deep I dug her Now only in memory can I hug her I reminisce y'all Oh my God

The Hard Part

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
[Intro] See god built everyone differently ya mean ? Everybody ain't got the same make up, we ain't all good to like Only thing is when you put in that spot You gotta ask yourself, when is enough I'm gettin ready for the hard part this is the first time me and you have been this far apart Not the first time that you packed But the first time that you left First time I just stood and watched More like stood there shocked look at what I've done The first time that I can conceded and pride won That was our first time in court together But not really cuz I wasn't allowed to even look your way remember ? That's that paper work you filed right ? Cant communicate wit the woman bearer my child right We both lost it shit was a wild night unfortunately we ain't go down without a fight Always said I wouldn't know what to do without you Loved what I knew about you not was new about you You stepped back and know the shit got realer Cuz ya'll was closer then most but still ain't lookin familiar [Hook] I'm doin 90 on the road hand on the .45 If I cant do nothing else I'll survive, Feel me ? I got that al green playing I'm feeling on shorties thighs And since I'm the one that ya'll wanna try just know I'm ready to ride Ugh... I'm on my grind till the clock stop This shit is all happening on god's watch So if you see me pulled over with the car parked I'm just getting ready for the hard part I'm getting ready for the hard part but fuck it this is what we all wanted So I figure fuck it I could use another crack at So what I ran from for 8 years I'm right back at Fucking with a major.. Now I got my group with me good cuz the scrunity usally has me actin stupidly And even though they all think that I'm a weirdo When I look to my left or my right they right there though They was nieve when they said that we was all through All walk the same path feel like we the lords group The industry don't know the type of damage we gonna cause you The same ones you called flukes is lookin like war troops At the point where even legends give respect Went from outside of the game to gettin lead in by the best Cuz yeah wont stop till our title they cant argue Know we closer then most still I gotta thank marshall [Hook] I'm doin 90 on the road hand on the .45 If I cant do nothing else I'll survive, Feel me ? I got that al green playing I'm feeling on shorties thighs And since I'm the one that ya'll wanna try just know I'm ready to ride Ugh... I'm on my grind till the clock stop This shit is all happening on god's watch So if you see me pulled over with the car parked I'm just getting ready for the hard part I'm getting closer to family closer to my regime Closer to gwap elly I mean closer to my dreams I was closer to the block was closer to them phiens So nah I ain't from the streets but we closer then we seem Closer to comfort closer to wealth But not closer then you can afford you gotta know yourself I mean closer to a lead so its murder in the booth Say they closer to real but that's further from the truth But I'm closer then the people that's wishing for my demise Fuck me ? Worry bout' that sickness you got inside Figure I'm just a reflection of your miserable life And since you less fortunette you want a picture and a prize why ? Stayed to myself and get closer to rap Cuz getting closer to you would be getting closer to that And since that's a little ways I'm coming closer to forwishing I just kick my feet back and got a shoufer for the distance [Hook] I'm doin 90 on the road hand on the .45 If I cant do nothing else I'll survive, Feel me ? I got that al green playing I'm feeling on shorties thighs And since I'm the one that ya'll wanna try just know I'm ready to ride Ugh... I'm on my grind till the clock stop This shit is all happening on god's watch So if you see me pulled over with the car parked I'm just getting ready for the hard part

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