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ABANDONED POOLS lyrics - Humanistic

Ruin Your Life

Original and similar lyrics
Time to give it up No one needs this any day Your life's a half-filled cup You'd never drink from anyway Well I say And if you want me to, I'd love to ruin your life There's nothing else to do Start a new Ruin your life Time to light the fuse And watch your whole world come undone Chaos soon ensues Blow it all to kingdom come Nice one Say goodbye Day after day you never ever crack a smile You know it's easier to die It's up to you

Can't Have It All

JAY BRANNAN "Goddamned"
Applying moisturizer in the microwave window For the tenth time, he should've called me an hour ago Would he be here with flowers if I lived in Arizona? They say there's no love left in the big cities, it's kinda true I guess you'll find me coming soon to a small town near you I'll sell my guitar so I can by myself a tractor Fuck this, this can't be my life I moisturized ten times tonight Why can't I sit down and write, Bring this question to light? [CHORUS:] Do you want a lover, or do you want a life? One hand or the other, the butter or the bread knife? Do you choose winter or spring, summer or fall? It's driving me crazy that I can't have it all If these walls could talk, they'd probably cry out for mercy 'til I'm outlined in chalk, I'll be romantically thirsty So I drink and drink from the proverbial time sink Fuck this, this can't be my life Tears flowing in full force tonight Why can't I sit down and write, Bring this question to light? [CHORUS] Do we hold the future, or does it come in peace? And if it's in my hands, are you sure it should be in brittle hands like these? Life, love, and the pursuit of all the things they promised me Can I have all of the above? Are the best things in life truly free? [CHORUS]


JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Intro] Oh yeah, it's him again! {"Joell Ortiz"} Y'all know the voice [Chorus: Gangstarr sample] Always bless you with a new joint, shit you never heard I need a place to lay low bro, cause this one is murder [Joell Ortiz] Check; cool as a fan, fresh as a new leather The new member in an argument of who's better The cool cheddar keep it New Yorican In a hoopty gettin brain from a chain on the Major Deegan The haters speakin, never mind playa The block ex-crack dime shaver turned best rhyme sayer The candy chewer, Laffy Taffy over Life Saver The orgasm every time, that's what the pipe gave her The gutter dweller, never nice neighbors The sour mixin with the Jack Daniel's to give it nice flavor The back in the days type gamer The used to hate Super Nintendo nigga that used to like Sega The clawed his way in the door rapper that's like Vega Never killed nobody, in that booth he's such a life taker The every other night somebody else's wife scraper The nigga makin veterans look like a 9th grader [Interlude] You goddamn right I'm that nigga {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the talk of the town, clown when we in the party Karaoke sing on the low but yo don't tell nobody The never had nothin, now he doin hella cocky The haters vomit from the smell of papi The low caesar with the sharp parts That might fiend on the scene with sixteens gettin green like a golf cart The beef lookin at the rest of y'all like Pop-Tarts Verses got y'all frownin up y'all faces like my mom's farts The N.Y. repper, don't dare side-stepper The casual dresser, low whites, light sweater The bike revver on a summer day The give the DJ so much heat they don't know which one to play! The E-1 gunner, used to be up under Trey Finna drop crack and not look back like a runaway The have fun every time he in the booth spitter The take on anybody, old nigga, new nigga [Interlude] Y'all think it's a game? I ain't playin! {"Joell Ortiz"} [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, the truth in the purest form The frontliner, first nigga to shoot when the war is on The hop on your beat and cruise like the Autobahn and force radio to play my version of all the songs The diddy bopper in the city proper The walk up in the strip club and throw it up like a shitty vodka The used to be a butt man turned titty clocker The hop up in the bed and beat it up kitty boxer Okay, the occasional kitty licker Only if her box is the shit, kitty litter The good swimmer, Caribbean beach feet dipper The Rican whale size of three Flippers The flow stronger than the current in the winter in the East River The poker player, top pan with the mean kicker The hip-hop light, when it was in its darkest hour The can't do a song without at least one YAOWA [Interlude] This ain't gon' stop brother, heh {"Joell Ortiz"} {"Statik Selektah!"} [Chorus]

If I Ever (Love Again)

JERRY REED "Smell The Flowers"
If I ever dream again Well it's because I’ll be dreamin' of you If I ever smile again Well it's because I’ll be thinkin' of you If I ever touch the hand of another woman It’s because I just need a hand to hold Some people are made to love again and they do Oh they're not half as lucky as me Guess I'll spend my whole life goin' round lovin' you If I ever reach again It's because I'm still achin' with want for you And if I ever try again It's because I'm pretending that she's you If I'm sad I don't mind cause I had it all one time We'll be together if I ever ever love again


J BOOG "Back Yard Boogie"
[Verse 1:] Listen well It hurts when the only one you love Thinks about another guy and that’s all she can think of She tells you that she loves you There's no one else above you yet shes spending your dimes wasting your time and she still cant live without you Well well at times she thinks everything's ok But my feelings up inside are tired of our lovers strife Days I go without her Starting to care less about her Lies after lies just killing me inside Start a new chapter in my life [Chorus:] Shes crazy she says she needs me in her life and more So crazy, girl what you really crying for Shes crazy, she never wana see me runnin through that door Just thought I let you know that I'm off to let you go [Verse 2:] Well every time she thinks about me, emotions getting lazy She's getting kinda crazy Burnin up yes feeling kind of hazy I have to tell my lady if she loves me or she hates me Love a blanc now sipping on some wine wondering if she thinks shes running out of time, for me to be the one for her but me know me cant think coz me know me not sure [Chorus] [Verse 2:] [Chorus:]

Stronger (Scriptures Riddim)

[Verse 1:] I've tried a life time to find you Give me a moment just to remind you Of the love we've not made before The reason you can't close this door I see confusion in your eye And maybe your a little surprised The way we make love under the moon light Tomorrow you'll see the new light [Chorus:] Come away in a dream This world is not what it seems There be no gold on the end of the rainbow Birds don't fly anywhere that the wind blow Come away in a dream Life is not what is seem Happiness don't always live forever But my love is getting stronger everyday Stronger everyday [Verse 2:] They tell me that diamonds are your friends But diamonds won't be there in the end I give you my love to remember I keep you happier, happier, happier You should be mi bonefy Nothing in this world can justify Love inna yo heart for I and I It's You and I, You and I baby Maybe it's just faith A time wi simply be waiting Is a chance to practice together We can go in search of forever [Chorus x2]

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