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ABANDON ALL SHIPS lyrics - Geeving

Bro My God

Original and similar lyrics
You are nothing but a false prophet A sworn enemy from the day we met Head held up higher than your eyes could see Your source of greed lacks divinity For all that is and whatever will be May you all die in your animosity Doesn't matter what is written Life will pass you by Cause a book full of stories Means nothing when you die To believe is naive His words may deceive To believe is naive Fuck you I geeve Take a chance Don't look back Take a chance Don't look back Cause time is running out I'm in a trance With things I lack But don't have any doubt Take your chance I am your God Not your friend He is a fraud Embrace the end You are nothing But a false prophet

Magdalene Lane

DON MCLEAN "Tapestry"
The angels are lost in the city of stars Wise men are down on their knees And the Fruitman of Freeway will sell you his cars When he's sure that you can't find the keys And the ladies on Magdalene Lane All worship the sun and the sand And the migrants who come can't complain For this is their promised land MGM studios can't make the nut They're auctioning Dorothy's shoes Gable is gone, the good witch is a slut And I've got the parking-lot blues The wizard brought benzedrine smiles And he never let Dorothy doze Ha- she died as she walked down the aisle And all that remains is her clothes Over the rainbow a Kansas tornado Can twist up a little girl's head Aunt Em's on relief and the tin man's a thief And even the wizard can't wake the dead The prophet has come to the kingdom of lights But there's no one to listen or learn And the saviour performs for the prophet's delight While dissenters are banished or burned And the heretics beg to be heard But the saviour's on tour for the week Salvation is found in his word If only he'd learn how to speak! And Lincoln is laughing with Amos and Andy Concerning the great Civil War And Paul Revere sleeps with the worst-looking creeps While revolution's knocking at his door Magdalene Lane is the red-light domain Where everyone's soul is for sale A piece of your heart will do for a start You can send us the rest in the mail For we have our own families to feed And we can't let them starve just for you But we'd rather not watch while you bleed So come back in an hour when you're through It's just another city full of sorrow Makes no difference why I came And I only know I'm leaving here tomorrow And only the motel man knows my name

Love Konnection

Flying Blind "Push"
Had you been told before What I said the other night I've assumed you always are You know that I have never been Attracted to the normal kind of girl And once again I am right I guess I should have known before To never look them in the eyes Without focusing afar Truth will come around someday When I am going through some kind of blindness That fills up my sight I need to learn To speak effective I should have made A love connection Your chance is gone It will never come again Oh no no no, again I know you've seen it all before Pasted on the every kind The one who thinks he'll be a star Truth is I have always been Distracted by the soul that lurks in me And once again I am right I need to learn To be productive Avoiding ways Self destructive My chance is here I will never sin again Oh no no no, again

Date With Destiny

PENNYWISE "Full Circle"
A burning plane as its going down the last scream before it hits the ground A lost ship on a raging sea a blinking distress signal of emergency A run away train careening off the tracks the last breath before a heart attack The earthquake as it shakes your room promising falling skies in impending doom One chance you feel it before you meet with your destiny One chance you need it to com to terms with mortality All thats important to me Everything inside of me All that's trivial will fade and soon recede you will see when on a date with destiny Look in the jaws of your own demise watch your life pass before your eyes Did you live like a dream come true or did you just survive Did you do all you could do In a fall from a burning tower What would you do with just one more hour Live that hour out everyday Like it was your last you'll live much better that way You're on a date with destiny


R.E.M. "Various Songs"
Chance (from UK 'Everybody Hurts' CD single) Chance, chance, chance, chance Friday bank card yours got stuck I loaned you a phone quarter, said 'Good luck' Where are you now? Me and glasses Saturday slump You and your shopping, I looked up Our eyes met, mine are green You'd had a peroxide thing Call now, look me up Sunday walk, Weaver's Park, I was on the lakeside Where the playgrounds meet In bare feet You said, 'Mighty cold today' You never see what I think You didn't like your daytime job I was born to travel You were a camera, I dropped my keys I'm on the northbound, you were asleep I said, 'Are you holding?' 'You wanna ride the silent sky?' I wrote a story on the fly You in the tabletop I said, 'I've had enough of the city.' I held a bag of apples You at the last table I had had a soy dog Cafe streetside, Tuesday bloom You wanna be on fire, I said I hung the moon Wednesday grocery, corner of Vine, You were in the checkout line I dropped my frozen dinners, you helped pick them up Thursday cab rush, our block, You with broken accent, my heart stopped You laughed, I worry Chance, chance, chance, chance Swarming like a dozen crushing blows All those glances, midtime dances Chance I never looked it up You hit the sidewalk talking Said, 'I'd read the ads' Do you? Where are you? Will you read this? Can I see? This is surely moving faster than I can think A minute shy, a passing eye I know I saw you there Will you read this? Can I see? What did I see? Chance, chance, chance, chance Swimming like a dozen crushing blows All those midtime dances Chance Guys, this is very tedious... stop!

The Crush

Magnapop "Hot Boxing"
When it goes I feel the crush When I rush it hits me Take the key and spin it 'round Hang the carpet where it was There's a level to be reached There's a chance to make it right There's a heart inside that beats Kick the dog and you will die I can see through the word And it's not written There's a chance and there's a start I can see through the word And it's not written There's a chance and there's a start Do I wait to see it right Are you conscious overall If the overture's alright Should I go or should I say What should I say Will I wait to see it right Are you conscious overall If the overtures are right There's a line about to fall I can see through the word And it's not written There's a chance and there's a start Take a chance to paralyze The whole process slowly wild Hanging on take the fun away Take the keys and move my car These are ideas they are not lies Kick the dog and you will die I can see through the word And it's not written

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