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AB-SOUL lyrics - Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost

Thought It Was Love

Original and similar lyrics
Uhh, whattup Brown? Whattup Blue? Yeah, look Thou-thought it was love, not just a mockery of We been close since snot noses That's some old shit, yeah no shit You chose your path. Me? I was focused on this rapping You was trapping and I wasn't mad You was nickel and diming, all the while I was getting pennies for rhyming You was eating at Tony Roma's, I had only Top Ramen I can smell the aroma when you pass It ain't only the potent doja you just passed Cause now you tryna go legit, and pick up a mic All cause you heard So Far Gone and that shit sound tight You see me buzzing in the streets so you figure a feature (Should) give your name a boost like the prepaid cell phone would I lay my verse and the verdict was: Homie got off, but Herb murdered Cuz And instead of studying my tactics You turned dyslexic and now you're looking at me backwards That's straight madness, we were compadres And now this, what can I say? Guess that's what happens when your stick pass the shorter end The strongest niggas start to bend [Chorus:] I thought it was love I thought it was real I thought you were being sincere I thought you'd forever be here, yeah I thought it was love I thought it was love I thought it was real, yeah [Brown:] She knew his track records Took a chance on his past Cause he was sure to Make her laugh when she was sad Enjoy the company, especially when her legs were spread He was a guilty pleasure Loved it when they were together But nothing lasts forever Been talking for a minute Feelings start to develop, at first there wasn't any She's entitled to a title but he isn't ready For commitment, not yet A year and a half passed in the relationship But finding messages in his phone from miscellaneous chicks Lies on top of lies She was blind, didn't realize Notice that ignorance is bliss She put too much time and effort off into him For it to end up like this So she forgives what he did But she doesn't forget Everything that he puts her through Through it all, she don't want it to end Started out as a visit He was merely a friend Now her heart was his home Where she felt he belonged Was scared of being alone Held those emotions within She went through his phone And she caught him again She said [Chorus]

Sheffield: Sex City

PULP "Intro"
Intake Manor Park The Wicker Norton Freshville Hackenthorpe Shalesmoor Wombwell Catcliffe Brincliffe Attercliffe Ecclesall Woodhouse Wybourn [At this point, Candida starts talking...] Pitsmoor Badger Wincobank Crookes Walkley Broomhill Oh! [Candida, quoting from some book] 'I was only about eleven when this happened. We were living in a big block of flats with a central courtyard. All the bedroom windows opened onto this court, and sometimes in the middle of the night, in that building it sounded like a mass orgy. I may have only been eleven, but no-one had to tell me what all that moaning and yelling was about. I'd lie there mesmerised, listening to the first couple. Invariably, they'd wake up other couples, and like some kind of chain reaction, within minutes the whole building was fucking. I mean, have you ever heard other people fucking, and really enjoying it It's a marvellous sound. Not like in the movies, but when it's real. It's such a happy, exciting sound.' The city is a woman Bigger than any other Oh, sophisticated lady Yeah, I wanna be your lover (not your brother, not your mother, yeah) The sun rose from behind the gasometers at six-thirty a.m. Crept through the gap in your curtains And caressed your bare feet poking from beneath the floral sheets. I watched it flaking bits of varnish from your nails Trying to work it's way up under the sheets. Jesus! Even the sun's on heat today; the whole city getting stiff in the building heat. I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do I just want to make contact with you Oh that's all I wanna do Ow Now I'm trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She is somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid, doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment Ten o' clock on Tuesday evening The world is going on outside, the night is gaping open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers are telling her to go outdoors He should have been here by this time, he said that he'd be here by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes, I don't know why you bother, really. Oh babe oh I'm sorry But I had to make love to every crack in the pavement and the shop doorways And the puddles of rain that reflected your face in my eyes. The day didn't go too well. Too many chocolates and cigarettes. I kept thinking of you and almost walking into lamp-posts. Why's it so hot (Peace garden!) The air coming up to the boil; rubbing up against walls and lamp-posts trying to get rid of it. Old women clack their tongues in the shade of crumbling concrete bus shelters. Dogs doing it in central reservations and causing multiple pile-ups in the centre of town. I didn't want to come here in the first place But I've been sentenced to three years in the Housing Benefit waiting room. I must have lost your number in the all-night garage And now I'm wandering up and down your street, calling you name, in the rain Whilst my shoes turn to sodden cardboard. Where are you [Candida:] (I'm here!) [Jarvis:] Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you (I'm here!) Where are you That's all I wanna do. I'm still trying hard to meet you, but it doesn't look like happening 'cos the city's out to get me if I won't sleep with her this evening Though her buildings are impressive and her cul-de-sacs amazing She's had too many lovers and I know you're out there waiting And now she's getting into bed he's had his chance now it's too late The carpet's screaming for her soul, the darkness wants to eat her whole Tonight must be the night it ends Tomorrow she will call her friends and go out on her own somewhere Who needs this shit anyway And listen I wandered the streets the whole night crying, trying to pick up your scent Writing messages on walls and the puddles of rain reflected your face in my eyes. We finally made it on a hill-top at four a.m. The whole city is your jewellery-box; a million twinkling yellow street lights. Reach out and take what you want; you can have it all. Gee it's so hot tonight! I didn't think we were gonna make it. It was so bad during the day, but now I'm snug and warm under an eiderdown sky. All the things we saw: everyone on Park Hill came in unison at four-thirteen a.m. and the whole block fell down. The tobacconist caught fire, and everyone in the street died of lung cancer. The grunts from the T-reg Chevette; you bet, you bet, yeah you bet. Mmmmm. Yeah. All I wanna do is make contact with you. Tomorrow, are we gonna That's all I wanna do... I was trying hard to meet her but the fares went up at seven She was somewhere in the city somewhere watching television Watching people being stupid doing things she can't believe in Love won't last 'til next installment ten o'clock on Tuesday evening The world was going on outside The night was waiting open wide The wardrobe and the chest of drawers were telling her to go outdoors He should have been there by that time, he said that he'd be there by nine That guy is such a prick sometimes Yeah Jesus! Oh baby babe I wanna I wanted to tell you that there's nothing There's nothing to worry about because we can we can we can we can get it together oh yeah Oh we got it together tonight yeah we made it.

I Wanna Go Back

KID ROCK "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp"
Cause I remember way back when Got kicked out the crib and had a place to stay in the Clem With some friends George and Jay It was a funky fresh crew and I'd DJ What a shock it was to be on the steps Comin from a nice home now livin in the projects No regrets cause I learned alot And I earned alot in the parking lot Doin dirt for the O.Gs slangin rock They used to call me that little white kid Who could rock on the two turntables And that aint no fable Watchin' Eddie Murphy instead of Clark Gable My whole life style switched Hoss Puttin in hours at the 76 car wash But I could never wait for them weekends to come Dum ditty dum ditty ditty dum dum Boom, chick boom, the bass went On turntables fuckin it up in Duke's basement Groove time productions, we kept the jam jumpin Open up your ears Im tryin to tell you somethin And give some love back to those who loved me 206 Court street and my second mom Tracy Little Keesha and Cole My mellow blow, and my homegirl Flo Rock round see, you could find me some But I kept my tables in the crib when I wasnt in the club Tom Rich and Mike Shafer used to give me rides And buy me groceries when I didn't have no paper And Im grateful for this Sometimes I look back and it's these times I miss Making demos on my old four track Sometimes I cant help but think, I Wanna Go Back I Wanna Go Back [x2] Got kicked out again for bein fly Got invited to stay with Tony and Eli An' they treated me like brothers R-I-P to their cool ass mother An my brother din dada For the homies up here I still gotta lot of love I wanna go back, way back To change things and bring y'all back Im pourin beer out for y'all Im singin I saw the light from my cousin Paul Life brings alot of tragedy I look around at times and its so sad to see A wasted life, or a broken home But all I can do is take care of my own I feel so alone like a stranger But sometimes I express my love through my anger And I lost alot of friends for this Blackman, T-Bone, Ernest KDC, and Chris And the rest of the Beast crew I aint sayin that Im awe, but I still got love for you Cause I remember how it used to be Make way motherfuckers beast crew's in the party To the right and to the left Many black men and Funk Daddy Def Stef Cause sometimes I feel blessed for sure To a been a part of one of raps last great tours Ice Cube, Too Short, D-Nice, yo yo Kid Rock and it don't stop I Wanna Go Back [x3] I remember litte Robert, cause I stayed with him I used ta go and see Campbell, when I need a trim And when times got grim and I lost my way, I used to get blown of with Reve Bumpin' shoulders and slappin' hands Willie Knight had a disco, right in his basement man Them New Haven jams Me and Blackman running crazy scams, Not a black or white thing, a wrong or right thing Just makin' that money, and pullin them honies Spandex shorts and the halter tops Slanging them rocks, runnin' from the cops The only white kid walkin' round on the block, Cruisin' in Amp's low ridin' ragtop Go see Howard for what ya need Underage buyin' forties and bags of weed Late night liquor from Bubba Coles People used to say, Rock you got soul Had a studio budget from the cocaine loot Chuck D and Murph were the original three Now Richard D and Cracker are down with me I got a studio record and a taste of fame But when I roll throught the Clem it's all the same Even though things change, you know I ain't forgot Cause the love from the past gave birth to Kid Rock But it's hard to go back to the things I knew Cause ta me life a have now lives for two Yeah, and that's where I'm at I wanna go back [x3] Let it ride, let it ride way back, uh-huh


JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz] I look over my shoulder not knowing where it's coming from But knowing that it's coming, I was bugging as a youngin' Now I'm runnin from, somethin' that'll even out my dumb decisions The night I shot and had him bleedin' out his lungs and spittin' Do any sins go unforgiven? I hope not Cause most of mine were hunger driven, nothing in my mother's kitchen, Stomach sounds like the clouds ignited and the thunder hitting So the well-schooled kid ended up with more than a couple missin' So not a chef but the cocaine forever cookin' I love kids but now I' selling to a pregnant woman Stumbling through the projects in the AM with a cup in my hand, Gun on my waist and, "I don't give a fuck" is my plan You'll never understand my palm sweat Followed by shortness of breath then my heart jets and I ain't find a calm yet Go on let shorty sin Cause ain't no way in hell this ain't Joell, that's brave enough to tell you everything [Hook:] I got some skeletons locked in the closet (yeah, yeah) And I've been dyin', dyin' just to find an outlet And I'm hoping that no one finds out about it (yeah, yeah) Wishing maybe it'll disappear but I doubt it I doubt it [Verse 2: Crooked I] Fuck all that rapping, I'm a let the conversation rock I got skeletons in my closet The living dead live in a nigga head, behind a combination lock When will the occupation stop it? Make it a vacant lot The black mamba when I crack vodka, I'm a take a shot And Hope the stowaways go away before the anchor drop Yeah thanks a lot, I'm a bottle drinkin' nutcase Cover of XXL behind Em, I had the drunk face I steadily dream about cleanin' these demons out In order to clean them out, you gotta scream and shout All of your secrets out loud It started as a kid at my school desk Aced every quiz but I wanted to pass the cool test Ain't nothing cool about school shopping at the thrift store And living in an abandoned station wagon cause you was piss poor So I started stealing all of the clothes that the other kids wore That's when the skeletons moved into my mind on the sixth floor And more came through Crooked I's youth I slowly started moving them out the closet to this mic booth For real, bro [Hook] [Bridge:] I thought I had it all locked away till forever But no memories fade away, They seem to stay Comfortable in my conscience you live in my dreams They say time heals it all then whys the pain still with me? [Verse 3: Joe Budden] See the problem is, I know it all Or maybe the problem is that I just show it all Maybe they that thinking I should be ashamed of my actions but really there's no remorse Maybe the lord will decide that I suffered enough and let me live with no withdrawals Then again all it would mean is he deemed I'm much too important to focus all We could talk about pain 24/7 dog, that's my department Intercity blues cruise and I'm blasting that Marvin Skeletons ain't in my closet, that's my apartment And they like to hide behind thousand dollar fabrics and garments It's all bleak to me Tell my Pop I ain't bothered when he don't speak to me, I love you but it's weak to me On one hand life is short and there's no excuse to do it But you was missing half my life dog, I'm kind of used to it Modern day Son of Sam, judge but you don't understand Me against the world, I plan on winning, knowing I'm undermanned Want to see through the eyes of a monster? Look through my glasses tint My roommates can stay here, just take care of half the rent [Hook]

Beauty And A Thug

JAHEIM "Still Ghetto"
(feat. Mary J. Blige) [Mary J. Blige:] So burgundy, the window to his soul It seems he tapes his eyes closed, From huffin on, that's what he's puffin on. His style is rough, he wears his hair in cornrolls, His jeans hang loose and low So his di..opps he cain't be comfortable I mean, he's gotta be comfortable. [Jaheim:] Now she's the type that's compared to a rose that grew from the concrete, So sweet ya know, From the streets yo. Now she's the opposite of he, Have you ever seen a lion sleep on the bossom of a sheep It's beautiful. Yeah thug though. [Both: (chorus)] She's so beautiful and he's a thug, They're so different yet they're in love. He's so thugged out and she's so beautiful, They're so perfect cause they're in love. [Mary J. Blige:] Picture this, his warm velvet voice on a cold winters night, Sugar free, bitter truth. Building life from a slang so divine. Soul to soul, their flesh pressed, From a firm of onyx tenderness. He signed his name with a venom kiss, Upon a heart, I never heard of such bliss. [Jaheim:] Now she's the opposite of he, Such as a butterfly and he's a killer bee. Yeah, she becomes a victim to his sting, And he's amazed by the colors of her wings. And the life he's led has left him with some scars, But, she viewed them all as mid-beauty marks. The moral of the story, plain as can be, He loved her cause, He is me. [Chorus: x2] Da Da-da-da da da da-da-da da She's beautiful and he's a thug, Made for each other 'cause they're in love. She's a petal and he's a thorn, From a different type of story since they were born. [Chorus: x2]

Cook It Up

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
Cook it up, Spooky, Salute, Look 'Zook'll hook it up to shoop the local Wendy Cooper loopy Low brow, low brim, she asked me, "What's the name?" I flashed the grossest fang in show biz Young Valkyrie's open, "What's yours?" "Um, Jenny, um..." body clocked in a ten-penny sum Sprung colossal, miss, may I process your Pentium? But Ae is hesitating, "My princess, The pigeon holing roles that your predecessor's lunacy in the kismet" Her eyes googled back as that of one unfortunate breed Plus a new kink in the posture "Just don't get all barnacley Or Get P.T. Barnumed in 3D THX sound stereo dismissal Sorry hun, it's just the last few have been a fistful Like, like, them girls you bump into out dumb luck get high innocently kiss once when she's punch drunk Watch her misinterpret the moment tongues touch Crazy Miss Cling-a-lot claim instant one love And you gotta beg your friends to take 'em off your hands like thumbcuffs Or them barbies you'll vibe for a sexy second (lovely) Give it a month; Hyde Heckles Jekyl and she makes Hitler look cuddly But Jenny in the sky with emerald eyes You're so different, so delicious, so the fish I'd be willing to walk the limb with! So let's just get a few things out the way: (okay) I'm clinically bonkers and hate just about everyone God's great earth offers I won't be getting dressed up to impress your family, dear And if I can't wear jeans and sneakers then I won't be lamping there Nope, aggro-pimp, sinfully, finicky nova, back it up no-diggity soldier Magic-touch fingertip donor Own up to your dirty debutant animalistic instincts Ritual courting dance and breeding behaviours (like what?) Like, "I dream of Jeannie and fucking her obscenely" But Jenny could be Jeannie so easily if you'd let me Hell, the bad tact daddy-o Merlin-- 'e' for effort Most of these high-post Fabio world motherfucks make my head hurt Dead up-- I got death in the skull but you'll get used to it ma Dinner and cinema, yes, just cough the bread up Sure, he schleps with naked pockets but I carry dreams Like I wanna be an astronaut after you marry me" (WHAAAAT??) "You're rushing this I feel smothered it's crowding me awfully, dolly I love you, Get the fuck off me! Sorry." (Call me) And I'm circling her like a tiger shark frenzied but friendly "I'm cool, how you feeling Jenny?" (Jenny) Jenny (Jenny) Jenny "So quiet, ooh I like that, so mysterious, I dig it The way you haven't made eye contact with me once in ten minutes I'm just saying girl, I'm dirty-dog raw vintage mixed with mega-low society Mister gutter-fuck etiquette, try me So there it is.. game. I mean it's not like I'm sweating you 'Cause when it comes down to it, most y'all females are the same But now it's your turn baby, spit it out "Okay," she punched me dead in the fuckin mouth and walked away Watch out ladies cause you know he don't love ya Bazooka Tooth is one bad motherfucker He's a low life pimp with a low life game He needs a no life dame with a strobe light frame Cook it up now.. No ring on the finger There ain't no strings attached But if you love television and manic depression Get a carton of cigarettes And we can make it happen Get to mackin' Just leave your bag up on the curb with the trashcan It ain't like I seen you in maxim Relax with the tap dance Lights, camera, lap dance Cook it up now..

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