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AB-SOUL lyrics - Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Game keep changing, Tats on faces Look close, you can see how rats run races You find it's all about the cheese at the other end They forgot the simple shit, like strengthening your limbs I listen to the radio and I begin to cringe I eat MCs, find a spot inside my fridge When y'all was tricking off, taking bitches to the bridge I was sparking up a cig, tryna tighten up this bridge The hook is real catchy and the verse is interesting Now all I need is a feature from Drake or Lil Wayne I never move hoes, like say a Gucci Mane I'm broke as a bitch, and I spit like I'm insane But what a nigga gotta do to shock the whole nation Sign to ROC nation, become a fucking Mason Monopolize, prophesize an abomination I'll Do it, but you thought it was just music? [Hook:] Passion What the fuck happened Somebody talk to him Motherfuck rapping (Oooooh, where's your passion) [Verse 2:] This for my niggas that log on to All HipHop And listen to niggas they never heard cause they love Hip Hop I got so much drive I never need a pit stop It's scarier than a whole hour of Alfred Hitchcock I'll probably make your bottom lip drop when my shit drop I'm in tip top condition With a hustler's ambition Ounce after ounce, me and Jizzle keep twisting Until we get twisted like the caps on snitches Just know our little passion will take you a long way Like Pussy & Patron can salvage a long day I dive head first in a verse and swim away And pull a pen out and throw a grenade at your brigade Like a Skin Head, you're a barber that can't fade I'm up all night trying to come up with something crazy So while you sleeping like a baby I'm a seal up the deal, no relation to the navy [Hook] [Verse 3:] Uhn I wake up in the morning and compose a rhyme doper than the last time before I even opened my eyes Open-minded to the truth, but not naive to what is fiction I probably love this more than my bitch, say I'm trippin' Leave your ass in a ditch, if you can dig it You mad cause I found my niche and you didn't Too fucking bad Fuck with Ab And so you know, every sentence, it is from the Soul [Alori Joh Sings] [Ab-Soul randomly talks]

You Got Me

[Erykah] 1 - If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby don't worry, you know that you got me If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby, don't worry you know that you got me [Roots] Somebody told me that this planet was small We used to live in the same building on the same floor And never met before until I'm overseas on tour And peep this Ethiopian Queen from Philly Taking classes abroad She studying film in photo flash focus record Said she working on a flick and could my clique do the score She said she love my show in Paris at Elys¨¦e Montmartre And that I stepped off the stage and took a piece of her heart We knew from the start that things fall apart Intense and shatter, she like, that shit don't matter When I get home, get at her, pull out her phone Whatever, let's lay, let's get together Shit, you think that not? Think that dog went home and forgot? Time passed, now we back in Philly, she up in my spot Telling me the things I'm telling her is makin' her hot Started building with her constantly 'round the clock Now she in my world like hip-hop, and keep telling me... Repeat 1 [Roots] Yo, I'm the type that's always catchin' a flight And sometimes I got to be out at the height of the night And that's when she flip and get on some... [Erykah] Another loney night? Seems like I'm on the side, you only lovin' your mic I know you gotta get that paper daddy, keep that shit tight But yo, I need some sort of love in my life, you dig me? While politickin' with my sister from New York City She said she know this ball player, and he think I'm pretty Psych, I'm playin' fool, you know it's just wit you I'm stayin' fool And when cats be poppin' game I don't hear what they sayin', fool When you out there in the world, I'm still your girl With all my classes I don't have the time for life's thrills So when you sweatin' on stage, think of me when you rhyme And don't be listenin' to your homies, they be leadin' you blind [Roots] Yeah, so what you sayin' is I can trust you [Erykah] Is you crazy? You my king, for real [Both] But sometimes, relationships get ill [Erykah] No doubt Repeat 1 [Roots] That snake could be that chick or that rat Could be that cool cat that's whisperin' She's trying to play you for the fool, black If something's on your chest then let it be known See I'm not your 'every-five-minutes' all on the phone And on the topic of trust, it's just a matter of fact That people bite back, fracture what's in tact And they'll forever be I ain't on some 'Oh, I'm a celebrity' I deal wit the real, so if it's artificial, let it be I seen people caught in love like whirlwinds Listening to they squalls and listenin' to they girlfriends That's exactly the point where they whole world ends Lies come in, that's where the drama begins And she like... yo Repeat 1

Move Bitch

[*whistling*] Chorus 2x: Ludacris Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way [Ludacris] OH NO! The FIGHT'S OUT I'ma bout to punch yo... LIGHTS OUT Get the FUCK back, guard ya grill There's somethin wrong, we can't stay still I've been drankin and bustin' too and I been thankin of bustin' you Upside ya motherfuckin forehead And if your friends jump in, Ohhh gurrlll , they'll be mo dead Causin confusion, Disturbin Tha Peace Since not into lution, we run in the streets-a So bye-bye to all you groupies and golddiggers Is there a bumper on your ass? NO NIGGA! I'm doin a hundred on the highway So if you do the speed limit, get the FUCK outta my way I'm D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober and you about to get ran the FUCK over [Chorus] [Mystikal over second chorus] BITCH! Watch out, watch out, watch out BITCH! Watch out, watch out, watch out, move Here I come, here I go UH OH! Don't jump bitch, move You see them headlights? You hear that fuckin crowd? Start that goddamn show, I'm comin through Hit the stage and knock the curtains down I fuck the crowd up - that's what I do Young and successful - a sex symbol The bitches want me to fuck em - true true Hold up, wait up, shorty Oh aww wazzzupp? Get my dick sucked, what are yoouu doin? Sidelinin my fuckin business Tryin to get my paper, child support suin Give me that truck and take that rental back Who bought these fuckin T.V.'s and jewelry bitch, tell me that? No, I ain't bitter, I don't give a fuck But I'ma tell you like this bitch You better not walk in front of my tour bus [Chorus] [I-20 over second chorus] Bring it, get 'em 2-0, I'm on the right track Beef, got the right mack Hit the trunk, grab the pump, punk I'll be right back We buyin bars out, showin scars out We heard there's hoes out, so we brought the cars out Grab the peels cuz we robbin tonight Beat the SHIT outta of security for stompin the fight I got a fifth of the Remy, fuck the Belve and Cris I'm sellin shit up in the club like I work in the bitch Fuck the dress codes, it's street clothes, we all street niggaz We on the dance floor, throwin bows, beatin up niggaz I'm from the DEC, tryna to disrespect DTP And watch the bottles start flyin from the VIP Fuck this rap shit, we clap bitch, two in ya body Grab ya four, start a fight dog, ruin the party So move bitch, get out the way HOE All you faggot motherfuckers make way for 2-0 So... [Chorus] [*whistling*]

Time To Chill

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "He's The DJ I'm The Rapper"
[Fresh Prince] For years I have been waitin and hesitatin to make a rap record that had the pace of a slow song quiet storm chillin while the fire is warm You and your girl with this record on your radio or stereo I don't know I love you so is what you'll be sayin while this record's playin You reminscin and kissin your girl Relax lay back unwind cause now is time to chill Setting the mood, by the use of this groove is an ingenious, perceptive, brilliant, a very clever move Because the bassline, combined with the fresh rhyme at a slow tempo enticed passion to grow But if it's not passion, for which you search then use the song as a massage after a hard day's work And if it's true that music calms the savage beast Play this cut in the jungle and put the lions to sleep Take a deep breath, stretch, kick off your footwear Put on the tape of this record, but beware Caution, warning, it's your decision There's nothin stronger that you can buy, without prescription It's soothing, somewhat hypnotic A rhythmic anesthetic it's practically a narcotic You want it? We got it -- come get it we're widdit Because it's all at the push of a button, yo Jeff, hit it! The objective, of this musical extravaganza is to enlighten you, stanza by stanza Verse after verse, have been precisely arranged Rearranged and then changed until the best remained The result being, this incredible song So for at least eight hours a day, you'll have this record on In the morning and at night in your room And all through the afternoon, you will be listening, mentally rapped up in the cut Some people will sit down and some will choose to get up But whatever you choose, just keep your ear to the wax Because we got somethin def that other rappers lack We haven't been able to put our fingers on what it is But it's different and it's def and it appeals to kids and teens and adults and senior citizens too And I'd be willing to bet, that it appeals to you, too! So if you're not into rap, give us a chance to change your mind, and to make you dance to this lyrical miracle, this musical discovery But yo I wanna chill for a second, yo Jeff, cover me It's like paradise, this music is nice It makes you hot if you want it too, or twice as cold as ice It brings love to the heart of a criminal With this subliminal power, all the women'll flock while all the guys rocks, when it's on your box It gained us a much bigger reputation than the White Sox You may ask yourself are we that famous? Bust this, the Queen of Spain knows what my real name is Our time is runnin short so I'll bid you farewell You know this cut is so def, that you have been overwhelmed Be cool, be chill, relax, have no fear.. .. I'm outta here

Life Bid

GP Wu "Don't Go Against the Grain"
Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out Yo yo hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on Before we do that, before we do that before we do that Let my man burn, let my man burn real quick This is for the ladies you know cause niggas be sayin we don't be lookin out I want y'all to feel this a little somethin And if y'all know the song, no no no dis- If y'all know the song, sing along, it's a remix, word up, check it (Remix for who?) For G.P., for G.P. nigga Don't be disrespectful nigga G.P. nigga (aiiight, aiiight, talk about it) Last night You sucked somethin special outta me (What? A fuckin nut?) Uh huh And for the first time I got my dick sucked for free (What, for free?) Uh huh Check out what she told me tho, she said She said do you want me to use protection I told the bitch of course But you can still lick my balls She said Pop can I ask your black ass one more question I told her hell no Last night (what she do, what she do) You sucked somethin special outta me (Aiiight aiiight now, where we leave off at) [Rubberbands] Niggas callin theyself the shit, packin full clips in a whip Drivin hip hop right off a cliff Goin nowhere, fantasizin with the art When I retire my first album'll still be up on the charts With a bullet, saw my mom screamin for the rest of my life I can't rap, she can kill that She don't know about the Illuminati soldiers Sometimes it feels like I got the weight of the world on my shoulders Misguided ones on the block slingin boulders Eighteen years old and got criminal records instead of diplomas Goin nowhere fast Right into a brick wall, the road is wet so we crash About the whip and dip before I had you can Sayin maybe it wouldn't have happened if I was sober Or wishin that I could live my whole life over But I'm a Libra so I sit back and look forward to October We got the hits, tracks that make you flip your lids G.P. bout to do this life bid in this business [Down Low Recka] We stay true, the G.P. debut Smacks you, lyrically attacks you and your crew Up against the wall and turn your metals into copper A real hip hopper, think nada, don't matter You might be phatter, but what it takes I don't see it in ya My whole click about to get into shit Brothers comin up as slaves Learnin how to use brainwaves to control paydays Niggas like us with magic stays While the car hustlers get grazed and nosy cats strays You can't last in a billion dollar world Tryin to get a billion dollar girl Doin big B-I lookin dead into my future Keep up cause you'll hate me if I lose ya We got the hits, tracks that make you flip your lids G.P. bout to do this life bid in this business Hit son, the one you thought was number one Is now number two to my crew [Pop The Brown Hornet] Puff puff give, G.P. got to live We been rhymin on the mic ever since we was kids And now we full grown, callin shots with no phone The wick's been lit leavin the rap world blown Beyond repair, beats thick like peasy hair Rap heads love me like alcoholics love beer We's a perfect combo, save the bullshit convo You beatin me that's like the Knicks beatin Chicago Can't happen, captain caught a ticket for speed rappin But they droppin charges cause I kept the crowd clappin No we goin platinum, Rerun, what's happenin Takin the world by storm like the Jacksons Shit, you better search for the G.P. logo If you want that bomb ass shit that drives you loco Produced by RNS and DLR I touch it up with the lyrics watch the shit go far My destiny's comfortability Playin up not too far from military artillary Not for manos but for protection A lot of cats got the venom in em and I'ma pop em [June Luva] I got plenty niggas down for whatever Sewin up stitchin up projects whatever Do or die situations you be facin Goin up against the Grain nigga feel the pain My soldiers they lined up ready to bust with no fuss Keepin it real, it gats we trust Niggas be under pressure when I'm stompin Run things from New York to Compton And all the crews inbetween (why's that June) I don't know All I know is they got to go Cause they can stop the show from goin on, it must succeed If not the next man bleeds We got the hits, tracks that make you flip your lids G.P. bout to do this life bid in this business Hit son, the one you thought was number one Is now number two to my crew The hits, tracks that make you flip your lids G.P. bout to do this life bid in this business Hit son, the one you thought was number one Is now number two to my crew

I Need A Thug (Feat. O' Dell, Popeye)

(Intro-O'Dell) girl you know you need a thug (x3) (verse 1-Popeye) forget your feelings inside all they do is over reach my tone underhand on me when i speach on the phone featured alone from makin my business i caught your vision shinin while you were with homey and his religon he isn't who you though he was from second hand to man caught a buzz he don't deserve to ride with shorty cause caught each other one in a drought nervous but yet you put your heart in my lap start to adopt rap, we promised it in the right way killaz that rome the streets and don't give a fuck what your wife say we might break but theres light follow in a moon restin in the sun the dirty south number one [Hook-Mercedes/(O'Dell)] u can't give a little (girl you know you need a thug) u can't give a little not just a little (girl you know you need a thug) u can't give a little (girl you know you need a thug) you can' give a little not just a little and asume that i'ma give you what you need (verse 2-Mercedes) you got my head down and i still think that i can't see this ain't 69 it's 680 with you and me lately you ain't been tryin to keep up with my love if you can't deal with the give and take then baby let me be i need a thug with a gangstaz touch lets take a chance on raw romance baby blow my mind i need you to speed things up don't slow down baby or lose this lady keep up with my love hook

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