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AB-SOUL lyrics - Control System


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Back when I first grabbed that pen I told myself I was gon' win And I ain't know when But it was gon' end Up happening, I want in So you can take your top 5 list Dead or alive and put me after Em I'm a fucking genius Gripping my fucking penis, living this life You can't tell me nothing Still ain't really got no money fucking right I'm all about that real, about that real This ain't no motion picture I tell you how that feel, how that feel Even when the odds against you They wanna see me wearing Polo drawers Put 2 chains on and that ain't wrong But that ain't me, I go too damn hard I don't need clothes or jewelry to stand out Black lip nigga with his hair wild Too damn proud Been killing this since Cam made Oh Boy Oh boy, I'm the man now TDE, put the money in my hand ain't shit free This business is quick sand and I won't sink Put the pistol in my hand and I won't think Rest in peace, you just made room for the next to be I never been afraid to say what I wanna say when I wanna say it, okay then Further more we do this for y'all Rap is stressin' but it pays great That is until you lose appeal And your release date gets date raped Stay safe, hold your head I got two fifth and a loaf of bread Feed the people, food for thought Because we are equal, who'd have thought [Hook: Ab-Soul & Kendrick] They wanna share my light [x8] You can have all my shine, I'll give you the light [x2] [Verse 2: Ab-Soul] I used to wanna rap like Jay-Z Now I feel like I'm runnin' laps around Jay-Z Nas ain't seen nothing this nasty B.I.G. & Pac got it coming when I pass too You got the mic, I ain't the one you wanna pass to My niggas say my new shit past due I paid dues, even got that shit tattooed HiiiPoWeR on another plateau I know you know we need a few plaques too The brand new niggas with a attitude Poppin' Compton or Timbuktu I might even sell my new shit for 10 bucks too Too I'll when I jot these words True eel when I shock the world I know life's a bitch When you know life's a bitch and that's not your girl Cold shit, I'm hot though Like Cold get, Ab-Soul This is a shift in paradigm I remember when I couldn't spare a dime Now I step in with a pair of dimes On P's, y'all know me Flow like water, admiralty The best author ever to breath And as we proceed to follow these dreams I ain't losing no sleep No, no at them no doors Just know "No" if it's no dough So high but I'm Soulo Two cups and I sip slow Taking my time We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show Now let's go [Hook] [Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar] Time and time I drop line for line But only time will tell If I ever go Columbine And cop 30 nines and cock back and kill See the truth is, they wanna know how close me, Dre and Snoop is Or how the shoe fits when they choose this to be 2Pac But truth I give two shits 'bout Expectations or critics hating Shit, I just put moms on vacation Bitch you never know my new location, it's across nations Court cases get thrown out So tell the motherfucking King dethrone now I am ruler, I am highness The Prince Zamunda I am the shit like what the prune does Black on black tip like Kinta Kunta Black is back bitch I'm the the coupe-da Black on black crime resent the shooter Black, black, black, I intend to mute you Racks on racks, I don't rap on tracks Without my A-game so please don't ask me about no pressure Bitch see the grip on my fingertip I can hold this coast together [Hook]

Book Of Rhymes

NAS "God's Son"
Alchemist you know me man I'm the type of nigga that write rhymes right on the spot in the studio soon as I hear the track; you know what I'm sayin Word but I wanted to bring a couple of books to the studio today Man I foundthese shits up in the crib man in boxes man I don't even remember when I was writing these shits or what's in these shits man probably a bunch of bullshit man Fuck it check it How can I trust you when I can't trust me Picture myself a old man a O.G. Some niggas will conversate with liers all day Time pass...(Nah lemme start somethin' else) Soul on ice death threats given by clowns I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first I thought I was abnormal cause I would overcome any tasked called to So there it is I'ma prince I'ma get slain Some do minor shit swear they on the top of they game Ya rhymin' is called 'Vagina Monologue' It kinda supports theories of scary niggas who should lie in the morgue Rarely y'all come in contact with the real Since Pun passed he was the last shine of sun I could feel Yo said there's a few left since music's expressions of life Damn I wish I took more time to write in my book of rhymes Oh shit Tina - I been lookin' for this bitch number damn. No this rhyme is weak.. This is week I remember this bullshit right here (My Book of Rhymes) Gandhi was a... what the fu.. Gandhi was a fool, nigga fight to the death The US Army is a school that teach ya plights of conquest (I wonder when I wrote this. Nah it's weak) The money's ya religion sky the limit live life Numbers is big business makes the poor live trife The glimmers of hope provoke those without dollars to dream Through your existence become wealthy knowledge is king Pimps and card sharks thiefs murderers with hard luck Addicts and fiends prostitutes passin' for teens is my society Cops that shoot blacks is routine for noteriety Grow up watchin' well dressed niggas with charms Beautiful ladies on their arms Dangerous new cars was my fantasy for Nas Rubbin my lips with Campophenique Still behind the ears wet turned out to be Pioneers vets amongst hustlers crack sellers and liers and squares... (Nah that was weak there) My people be projects or jail never Harvard or Yale Pardon me type in my 2way while I'm chargin' my cell It's hard to be iced up with Gucci god poverty's real I can't fight you cause you would sue me niggas be groupies I see imitators tryin' to make albums spittin' my style And they don't even realize that I notice they stealing Nas' shit I pump some Rick James with that Teena Marie My nina lean on me like Swoop it's crap this can't be My book of rhymes This can't be my book of rhymes writing this bullshit! (My Book of Rhymes) Nah neva that fuck that, aw why you laughin' Alchemist Huh you a funny nigga... naw yeah (My Book of Rhymes) I'm tellin' you I'ma come up with some new shit now Fuck that I'ma write again now fuck that I musta been high on some shit mmm what the fuck is this Look how we treat pregnancy women in the 'hood Our values so low our values are no good Things our mothers told us we shoulda heeded Cause now we need it We older almost able t... I'm jealous of you how come you so beautiful Smelling fresh youthful intelligent while I'm stressin' and shit Aiyo I envy you 'cause all you do is smile and things come your way Such a innocent child is what some say I get upset 'cause I just want to be treated the way you are Like a star not a worry in this world thus far But wait a minute we both need ya mother's attention I must be crazy jealous of my own baby infant (Kinda crazy)

Same Thing, Pt. 2

I’m as crazy as I wanna be, ain’t no stopping me Buck wild, tearing up the streets in the D Just a native with some war paint actin a fool And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Smoking weed like it’s free and the first to kill a 40 Only one to shoot a pistol in the middle of a party Hanging on the block without a clue what to do And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too I’m not sayin we no good just a little abnormal Underground is where we lay, the main stream is too formal I’m learning things they don’t teach in the school And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too [Chorus x2] If you do what I do (Yea) And I do what you do (Yea) Wouldn’t that kinda make us all the same (Yea) Wait for the right time, patient like a snake Slither to your enemy then show his ass some hate This is just something that I like to do And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Always down with a BBQ, drinkin brew with the crew Up til the sun come, way past curfew Talking about things that I wanna pursue And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Never sit and argue, squash it with my tennis shoe Kung-fu a motherfuckas head into fondue That’s how it is, and I’ll never improve And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too [Chorus x2] I prefer Yager bombs instead of Absolute But I’d rather have a blunt packed with purple or blue Red skin with the hatchet running looking confused And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too Ever since I was a youth in pursuit to amuse Crassin(?) Avenue I cruise to promote my new I did everything I could to make my name break through And some of ya’ll be doing the same things too I was showing up late cause I had to finish smoking You know how the weed have you in slow motion Thank god I’m not alone because it wouldn’t be cool I’m so glad ya’ll be doing the same things too (What time, um, I thought this was tony from the block Tonys’ on after this rap) [Chorus x2] You do (yeah) I do (yeah) Wouldn’t that kinda make us all the same? (yeah) (x2) You do I do You do, come on put your hands up just like this You do I do Yeah you old lady in the back, shake them hips grandma You do I do Somebody in this bitch get me a drink. I’m thirsty You do I do (applause) Yeah yeah thank you (I told you no fucking rap) Bitch shut up Yeah thank you except you bitch And you motherfucker Yeah thank ya’ll Thank ya’ll very much Thank ya, thank ya (You’re fucking lucky) Hey man shut up (Next time) hey (next time) What what (oh you’re lucky) You owe me money, pay me damn (for this shit) Come on man (Well uh give it up for that um rapper guy, yeah yeah, uh sti- stick around we’re gonna have some more umm we’re gonna have tony, tony from down the bock, he is on the street) What drunk ass tony ( go away)


REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six That's that shit though Get the motherfuckin Squad packed We got to pull these shoes out like carpet, word is bond Test the crew with the guns and let's get this shit on Why, must I be like that Why, must I pack the gat On my left, niggaz be rollin with the ruckus Ready to get deep bust rounds upon some suckaz Heard PPP and LOD is a bunch of crazy motherfuckers Journey to the land is on The winner of the spittin bomb marathon The fuck you up lyrathon, whatever you choose prepare to lose that title Turnin vital situations suicidal, my idols, is my Uncles who started smokin weed outta bibles Gave me a puff when I bust my first rifle Men-estration cycles, I give bitches Bring your craziest nigga, I'll give stitches Whateva, go crew for crew, blow for blow Bang your headpiece and sniff the snow off your hoe I keep it rollin... Ask yourself man How ugly do you have to be to be a hardcore MC Niggaz be fooled by my plaques and my light skin complexture My whole texture is bombin, destroyin da schools of the wack From the Land of the Lost, you get tossed Listen to my veloc(ity), my crew's comin off Yeah, more sneaky than casino switches Diggin ditches for all Moskino bitches Clockin decimal figures, I'm gettin out diggers Now my choice of truck is a Land cause a Landcruise much bigger It pack two to three more niggaz Damn I hate a golddigger Yeah, gimme that microphone I make opponents shit bricks like Tyson's home I keep the jacked cellular phone blown in three zones Love seafood and keep my nine millimis chrome So it can shine up your dome When I proceed to give you what you need and clear spots like Sea Breeze Wreckin your ass armaggedeon style Twenty four seven while My crew chin check your profile (Rollin...) I'm the master of disaster, super rhyme maker Grimy by nature, database maker Play em out like Sega, Saturn Blow your blocks in patterns for about nine acres Testes, crew wearin bulletproof and double S's Karl Kani down, camoflouge can't hide the sounds of a fo' pound (boo-yaa) Givin you Six Flags, bustin merry go rounds But my crew stay ill with that unreal appeal I be the raw water, my cheek bones outta have gills below like the opera Smooth on the trigger for all you block cockers I be the key to criminology Blast and rotate enemies at three buck sixty Pick me, as your Senator Take the dove from your battlefield son, fuck Pat Benatar Run, head for the hills Back in the day, these niggaz rolled up on me with the trunk filled with Bomber Brooklyns, sheeps and quartervilles Aiyyo take that shit, aiyyo Money snap the grill Body caught chills as he ate this nine mil Mine kills two but my nine was sign sealed And ready to deliver, but Money had me too close to reach for toast, soon as that nigga blink I broke ghost Dash back to South Orange Ave with dollar bill to smoke dope I keep em rollin... This is DJ SAY WHAT on this motherfucker Sayin the dick is long, but my time is short Before I go, just remember If your box ain't on FDS radio, you're fuckin up


MICK JENKINS "The Water[s]"
Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk about some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk bout some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Tell me do you feel this Tell Me do you yo feel this, feel this Pendleton sweaters for the letters on some cool shit All the writtens rapped in Woolrich, it's too cold Let them niggas sneeze if they sick Just don't ever bless the bullshit we too old Paper twister I been organic no breaking Swishers Just breaking habits, I pray for balance, I'm tasting scriptures And hella vapors I'm painting pictures so pristine Right on your ceiling the feeling is kinda Sistine For the artform and never the hand clap When that's clear you can call it Saran Wrap Remember when you gettin' all this green That there's gotta be sand traps Derails don't only happen at Amtrak If you don't understand that, well then my nigga, you special Like cleft lips How I stay on the upper up with the verbiage that I let go This was never a game, and these was never no jokes I'm impervious to your heckle I'm Mr.Hyde Park worse than a Dr.Jekyll, ooh bad Damn son you lookin' like Bill O'Reilly, you mad? Our Bill of Rights from the past will never make it to the future Even with a Martin Luther, fifty shades of Kama Sutra We're fucked, so would you smoke with me? I know this shit has been stressful, but would you cope with me? I'm knee deep in these waters I'm asking you would you float If you knew that I could build a boat And I told you that God spoke with me Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk about some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk bout some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Tell me do you feel this Tell Me do you yo feel this, feel this Feel the vibe I got some Gil Scott I know you like to snap to/too Talk a couple black thoughts, spit 'em through this gap tooth Just for the sheer thought that you listening let me express my gratitude How can you hate on an attitude? Know that's it's me my nigga he's too thorough Been sowing seeds out in New York, niggas good in like two burrows I been in the 514, french gettin to clean customs is routine eatin' hella poutine I think I might buy one more Connected with mines on the cusp of greatness if you didn't know Now you know come and fuck with the free nigga Fuck your lateness, this whole world is too fucking heinous I seen some shit on the t.v that had fucked my day up This life will fucking drain us, they tryna fucking train us Niggas busy trappin', Didn't even get to see my granny before she passed cause I was too busy rapping That type of shit will shift your whole perspective Make you spit the type of shit to rip a whole collective The pieces I been connecting the truth I hope I connect with the thesis But feel the vibe, I got some Sade I know that we can snap to Knxwledge got some rap tapes I know that we can rap to I'm a roll this joint and prolly light it You can hit it if you want, but know that you don't really have to I'm at you, and open with my intentions, I'll never be condescending We'll do all the things I mentioned Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk about some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Just vibe with a nigga, one time with this joint Get high with a nigga one time, I won't have you on yo' ass We can talk bout some real shit, tell me how you feel Tell me do you feel this, feel this Tell me do you feel this Tell Me do you yo feel this, feel this

Without Me

EMINEM "The Eminem Show"
[Intro (Obie Trice)] 'Obie Trice/Real Name No Gimmicks' [Refrain 1] 2 trailer park girls go round me outside round me outside, round me outside [Repeat Refrain 1] [Refrain 2] Guess whos back, back again Shadys back, tell a friend Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back Guess who's back... [Verse 1] I've created a monster, cuz nobody wants to see Marshall no more they want Shady I'm chopped liver well if you want Shady, this is what I'll give ya a little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor some vodka that'll jumpstart my heart quicker then a shock when I get shocked at the hospital by the Dr. when I'm not cooperating when I'm rocking the table while he's operating you waited this long now stop debating cuz I'm back, I'm on the rag and ovulating I know that you got a job Ms. Cheney but your husbands heart problem's complicating So the FCC wont let me be or let me be me so let me see they tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me So come on and dip, bum on your lips fuck that, cum on your lips and some on your tits and get ready cuz this shit's about to get heavy I just settled all my lawsuits Fuck YOU DEBBIE_! [Chorus X2] Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me cuz we need a little controversy, cuz it feels so empty without me [Verse 2] Little hellions kids feeling rebellious embarrassed, their parents still listen to Elvis they start feeling the prisoners helpless, 'til someone comes along on a mission and yells 'bitch' A visionary, vision is scary, could start a revolution, pollutin the air waves a rebel so let me just revel an bask, in the fact that I got everyone kissing my ass and it's a disaster such a catastrophe for you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me Well I'm back [batman sound] fix your bent antennae tune it in and then I'm gonna enter in and up under your skin like a splinter The center of attention back for the winter I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling Infesting in your kids ears and nesting Testing 'Attention Please' feel the tension soon as someone mentions me here's my 10 cents my 2 cents is free A nuisance, who sent, you sent for me [Chorus X2] [Verse 3] A tisk-it a task-it, I'll go tit for tat with anybody who's talking this shit that shit. Chris Kirkpatrick you can get your ass kicked worse than them little Limp Bizkit bastards, and Moby you can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year old bald headed fag blow me You don't know me, you're too old let go its over, nobody listens to techno Now lets go, just give me the signal I'll be there with a whole list full of new insults I've been dope, suspenseful with a pencil ever since Prince turned himself into a symbol But sometimes the shit just seems, everybody only wants to discuss me So this must mean I'm disgusting, but its just me I'm just obscene Though I'm not the first king of controversy I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do Black Music so selfishly and use it to get myself wealthy (Hey) there's a concept that works 20 million other white rappers emerge but no matter how many fish in the sea it'd be so empty without me [Chorus X2] (Hum dei dei la la Hum dei dei la la... la la la) [X2] 'Kids'

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