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AARON NEVILLE lyrics - Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas

The Star Carol

Original and similar lyrics
Long years ago, on a deep winter night. High in the heavens, a star shone bright. While in the manger, a wee baby lay. Sweetly asleep, on a bed of hay. Jesus our lord, was that baby so small. Lay down to sleep, in a humble stall. Then came the star, and it stood over head. Shedding its light, 'round his little head. Dear baby Jesus, how tiny thou art. I'll make a place, for thee in my heart. And when the stars, in the heavens I see. Ever and always, I'd think of thee...

Daddy's Little Baby

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
It's my heart Pray Daddy's little baby, must learn this world is shady And the color of your skin don't make you less of a lady Degrade yourself, never cuz I'm teaching you better Life ain't all about cheddar diamonds and leather Understand you a black sister, in this white man's World, don't let it get ya, down girl It's essential that you grow amongst your group So you don't grow too fast and be doin lord knows who Cuz daddy loves you, don't let nobody tell you different What I, do for a living is a talent I'm given And I'ma raise you too black too strong beautiful Tell the truth let you know what women go through Lies and deceit, the nigga you love he gone cheat So be careful in the heat baby girl wit cold feet Keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you daddy's little baby ha [Chorus] I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you You're my baby now and ever Yo Ja's imagery is somewhat like God and his chemistry Blasphemy, I tell my baby girl proudly Put her over my knee and let her know this world is yours Men are dogs take it from daddy and hold yours Head high lady, love is bout lies and deception Will always be seen through the eyes In my demise don't cry just, hold on Stay headstrong and live to learn that life goes on The day you was born God answered my cry for help I look at you a female replica of myself I was conceived 2/29 you 9/22 God' whats the science in this sign you threw I wanna know just so I can spread the jewel to my youth So she don't have to come up like I did runnin loots Keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you're daddy's little baby For real [Chorus] When I look in yo eyes I see stars It's me and you against the world Baby it's in the signs And anything you want you can get it daddy's getting it done You the reason why I keep the hundreds under the ones And go through rain sleet and snow to kiss the sun Though my travel through the storm has just begun Swear to god when my sister died, I was only five Didn't even cry, couldn't know the value of a life Know I realize why Brittney's so rare to me She came at the time when nobody cared for me This world's tough, I'ma guide you through it carefully Learn the game and remember nothing in life's free My little lady, can't quite understand me now But baby, in time I'll break it down So keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready Make me proud you're daddy's little baby For real [Chorus]

Birthday Card At Christmas

JETHRO TULL "The Jethro Tull Christmas Album"
Got a birthday card at Christmas... it made me think of Jesus Christ. It said, "I love you" in small letters. I simply had to read it twice. Wood smoke curled from blackened chimneys. The smell of frost was in the air. Pole star hovered in the blackness. I looked again... it wasn't there. People have showered me with presents. While their minds were fixed on other things. Sleigh bells, bearded red suit uncles. Pointy trees and angel wings. I am the shadow in your Christmas. I am the corner of your smile. Perfunctory in celebration. You offer content but no style. That little baby Jesus... he got a birthday card or three. Gold trinkets and cheap frankincense. Some penny baubles for his tree. Have some time off for good behaviour. Forty days, give or take a few. Hey there, sweet baby Jesus... Let's share a birthday card with you.


JIMMY NEEDHAM "Not Without Love"
It's tulips and it's daisies Your favorite flowers lately You think that I ain't listening, but you know I do With your two lips on me baby My head starts getting dazey Don't give me a flower What I want is you [Chorus] It happened on the day you put your hand in mine You went up to my head just like a glass of wine Girl, you spark my attention like a firefly And make me happy to be alive You move into a room like Summer breeze at noon time Baby, out of nine, I'd give you ten Your love is like an ocean Surf and spray in motion Baby, I'm a diver and I love to swim [Chorus] These are just simple words of mine And though most of what I feel is hard to rhyme Ain't it good to know your boy gave it a try? O a try It'd take a thousand colors just to paint your eyes Like saving grace, they raise me up to paradise This ain't opinion, it's consensus from my heart and mind You make me happy to be alive

Fare Thee Well

INDIGO GIRLS "Swamp Ophelia"
Fare thee well my bright star I watched your tailights blaze into nothingness But you were long gone before I ever got to you Before you blazed past this address And now I think of having loved and having lost But never know what it feel like to never love Who can say what's better when my heart's become the cost A mere token of a brighter jewel sent from above Fare thee well my bright star The vanity of youth the color of your eyes And maybe if I'd fanned the blazing fire of your day-to-day Or if I'd been older, I'd been wise Too thick the heat of those long summer evenings For a cool evening I began to yearn But you could only feed upon the things which feed a fire Waiting to see if I would burn Fare thee well my bright star It was a brief brilliant miracle dive That which I looked up to and I clung o for dear life Had to burn itself up just to make itself alive And I caught you then in your moment of glory Your last dramatic scene against a night sky stage With a moment so clear that it's as if you're still before me My once in a lifetime star of an age Fare thee well my bright star Last night the tongues of fire circled me round And this strange season of pain will come to pass When the healing hands of autumn cool me down

U.b. Jesus

David Byrne "Look Into The Eyeball"
Sunrise, I'm still dancingGirlfriend, she's my champion Swing low, pull me over Hey - be my savior Blood, Skin Show me the book Don't understand the language that they spoke Don't pity me Have pity on yourself You might know Jesus but you'll all join in hell Shine On Sister! Don't need a book to put your hand in the fire Shine On Sister! Come on in cause it's cold outside Kiss Me! Kiss Me! I can tell your name by the markings on your face U. B. Jesus Makin' my way And I'm lovin' my life Kiss Me! Kiss Me! Swing so crazy like the way you ride Maybe I'm gonna fry in hell But I feel good when I burn myself In a smokey place, In my girlfriends car Threw out the map when we drove to far Jesus is big Jesus is strong Jesus'll kill you if you don't get along Jesus can swing Jesus has skills Go on And try it if you don't believe he will Jump Back, Jump Back Givin' me a heart attack Fall down, Fall down Sweeter than a cherry bomb Sweet Thing, Sweet Thing Steppin' on your violin Space Boy, Fly Girl Living in the underworld Shine On Sister! Don't need a book to put your hand in the fire Shine On Sister! Come on in cause it's cold outside Jesus is cool Jesus is scared Baby you are the only car I drive Foolin around Foolin myself Baby you are the only car I drive Easy to touch Easy to find Baby you are the only car I drive Melts in my mouth Melts in the hand Baby you are the only car I drive Outta my skin Outta my life Baby you are the only car I drive They only car I drive

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