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A-TEENS lyrics - New Arrival

Shame Shame Shame

Original and similar lyrics
Oh I feel somebody And I want you to know about You see I want you to feel it too So just listen to me baby. Can't stop me now hear what I say My feet wanna move so-get out of my way I'm gonna have my say I'm goin' to every discotheque I'm gonna dance dance dance - ooh - 'Til the break of day. I say : Shame shame shame shame on you. If you can't dance too. I say : Shame shame shame shame Shame shame shame shame on you. If you can't dance too. Don't stop the motion if you get the notion You can't stop the groove 'cos you just wanna move Got my sunroof down got my diamond in the back Put on your shaky wig woman If you don't I ain't coming back. Shame shame shame shame on you . . . If you don't wanna go Remember one monkey don't stop no show My body needs action and I ain't gonna blow. Yes I'm goin' out and find a dancing man If you really think you're fast Try to catch me if you can. Shame...

Dance With You

BOWLING FOR SOUP "Let's Do It For Johnny!"
What's it mean to be alone now How's it feel to be by yourself You got me, I didn't get you back then you got me, again [chorus] You got inside through a hold in my defenses and how you fit I'll never understand but you got into me, and I got into you and now, I wanna do it again How's it feel to know now whatcha think ‘bout that you got me, now we can't go back you'll never get me again I only wanna dance with you I only wanna dance with you You go up down turn around merry go round and round shake it shake it two times dose doe cotten eyed joe run around pull me down never gonna come around I'm never gonna forget you

Can You Feel It (Rock It Don't Stop It)

Enriquez Jocelyn "Jocelyn"
(Can you feel it?) I can feel it We worked so hard all week from 9 to 5 But when the weekend comes it's time to come alive Just take some time to set your mind and body free We'll have a good time and be who we wanna be I ain't gonna wait no more And I ain't gonna work now that's for sure All I'm gonna do right now is party (yo, yo, yo) Chorus: (When the weekend comes around) I wanna be with all my friends (As the DJ breaks it down) All I wanna do is dance (I wanna dance the night away) Can you feel it? (Party 'til the break of day) Can you feel it? (Everybody, come along) C'mon, just throw your hands up high ('Cause when I hear my favorite song) I wanna reach into the sky (There's a party on tonight) Can you feel it? (Dance until the morning light) Can you feel it? (Ah yeah) I can feel it (Throw your hands in the sky, wave 'em high, wave 'em high) I can feel it So many people try to break us everyday Do what you like, who cares what other people say You got one life to live, go on and do your thing This is your chance to shine, so party people sing... C'mon throw your hands up high Keep 'em reaching 'til you touch the sky All I wanna do right now is party (yo, yo, yo) (Repeat Chorus) (Hands up high) (Touch the sky) (Hands up high) When the weekend comes around As the DJ breaks it down I wanna dance the night away (Can you feel it?) Party 'til the break of the day (Can you feel it?) Everybody, come along 'Cause when I hear my favorite song There's a party on tonight (Can you feel it?) Dance until the morning light (Can you feel it?) Gonna rock it don't stop it Gonna rock it don't stop (repeat 7 times) Ah, yeah

Back To The Limbo

ABS "Abstract Theory"
I don't know bout you, But I came here to party, yeah Tonight is your night, gonna find yourself somebody (Yo what your gonna say) [Bridge] I say hey pretty girl, Do you wanna dance the night away, But you don't wanna fall in love, If you said that fault you any day [Chorus] Cause I'm feeling the heat, Won't you get yourself close to me, When you move to the beat, It's the ultimate fantasy, girl (Back to the Limbo) Mama say, mama sa, Switch the cross radar And let me come a little nearer, So you can here what I sing, just a little clearer I like the way you move, The little things you do, You begging me want to, come dance with you Would you mind if I asked you to [Bridge] [Chorus] I'm feeling so damn limbofied, With your hot lips, and your limbo thighs, Don't stop! Give me the sign and I come running back, Sam and Dave, hold on I'm coming, Ha Ha Ha And He, back to back let me shift the gear, Turn up the system, and get ready to roll, Reverse your back sack, let me lose control, while out I'm the girl with the light eyes Ey miss is everybody I'm feeling the block, And it's good being here with you, And if your feeling the same, Let me hear you oeeh [Chorus] Clap your hands, Take it up front and to the side, Knot your head, Can you feel what my body sent you now, Stop your feet, I wanna see you shake, And bring it back down low, nice and slow Yo back to the Limbo [X2]

The Letter

SHOOTER JENNINGS "Put The "O" Back In Country"
I found a letter just yesterday And what it say, I can't disclose I read that letter and every word that it say And my heart, it just froze Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Such a sad, sad shame My baby's been runnin' around All around this town, with another man I packed her stuff up, put it on the front porch When she gets home, she'll surely see You know it was so hard goin' through our life together Figurin' out what belongs to you and what belongs to me, yeah Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Such a sad, sad shame My baby's been runnin' around All around this town, with another man So many times I've forgiven her So much time, I could never get it back And I don't wanna know how long it's been goin' on I just wanna leave this town and never look back Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Ain't it a shame? Such a sad, sad shame My baby's been runnin' around All around this town, with another man Ooh, ain't it a shame?

Here I Go Again

I wanna taste the bittersweet I wanna start a riot in these city streets I don`t wanna live life on repeat I wanna crash everything in the presidential suit Here I go again And I feel so good Yeah I feel so fine Like a hurricane I`m gonna fall again I`m gonna cross the line I can`t wait another day I`m ready to be blown away Here I go again Always looking for a thrill I love the chaos when I start a fire drill I`ve got so much time to kill I keep making promises I know I can`t fulfill Some days, frustration is on Feelings out of place, and all hope is gone In so many ways, the temptation`s too strong It`s all good when it`s wrong I wanna make somebody pay I wanna speak although I`ve got nothing to say Anything to make my day I`ll run you over If you`re standing in my way

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