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98 DEGREES lyrics

If Everyday Could Be Christmas

Original and similar lyrics
If everyday could be Christmas What a wonderful world it would be We could carry this feeling within us All through the years If everyday could be Christmas Christmas lights up the city Rooftops covered in snow Lovers sharing a sleigh ride cuddled close And their eyes seem to glow Window shopping on Main Street (ooh) Bundled up head to toe, whoa (ooh) Children ice skatin 'round the Christmas tree I see smiles, young and old oh Chorus Church bells ring in the distance Peace on Earth is the air (oh oh oh) Sidewalk Santa is handing out candy canes I feel love (I feel love) everywhere (everywhere) Chorus It's the time we open up and hear from our hearts Let love shine, brighter Than any star! Chorus (3x) If everyday could be Christmas

This Means War!!

BUSTA RHYMES "Extinction Level Event"
* music being interpolated is Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' * [Busta Rhymes] Just make sure them, them drums is smackin .. This, means, WAR!! I work hard to take care of every one of my niggaz Feel the love and appreciation from all of my niggaz When I think meditate and contemplate for my soul watch the truth manifest once the story unfold Disloyal motherfuckers I'ma BANISH you all and celebrate all in your absence once I get rid of y'all Sometimes I can't describe the wicked shit I feel in my heart Break my silence and sporadically tear you apart Strike with a serious vengeance and before you die Put you through the worst and make you take a look in my eye! So you could witness the extreme damage caused by betrayal Make you sorry for the fact that you attempted and failed! Make you eternally suffer, you was one of my mens Turn your back on me, and I'ma make sure you get it back times ten Stay TRUE -- now that's the one thing I religiously pledge If you ain't wit me I'ma throw you WAY over the edge THIS MEANS WAR!! [Ozzy Osbourne] Take a look inside You can run and you can hide If you cross my path I'll make sure you feel my wrath Give and you receive Cherish every breath you breathe Scriptures on the wall Those who betray all must fall [Busta Rhymes] As I cherish every blessing and I greet you with hugs You my peoples when I see you I embrace you with love Yeah I be the one to come and get you out of the hole Yeah you be the one to run and leave me out in the cold So amazing how many times you plot and you scheme But what you don't realize, you'll never conquer my dream Though devilish karma can't penetrate the steel in my armor Time passed, my oppression got you living with drama! Paranoid of my retaliation, living in fear Disloyalty will have me kill my brother, sheddin a tear Such a shame how you could easily get trapped in a zone And have to go to war with FAKE niggaz standin alone Until I get with all my loyal niggaz goin the length Don't matter how hard you try you never weaken my strength! Now I'm with all of my loyal niggaz, breakin the bread And if you diss the code of honor we takin your head; THIS MEANS WAR!! [Ozzy Osbourne] Take a look inside You can run and you can hide If you cross my path I'll make sure you feel my wrath Give and you receive Cherish every breath you breathe Scriptures on the wall Those who betray all must fall Nobody helps them Now he has his revenge [Busta Rhymes] Whatchu gon' do? Whatchu gonna do? Where you think you can run, or you can hide? Where you think you can run, or you can hide?!! Where you think you can run, or you can hide?!!! Where you think you can run, or you can hide?!!!! I'ma BE the best to show love let's co-operate Disloyalty is somethin that we won't tolerate Deal with these niggaz, let's put them where they properly go On the Island far away in a place where NOBODY know So long fightin the bullshit for so many years Watchin the danger and niggaz double crossin they peers Yes I always fight for what is right and put my foot down Disrespect my love, I'ma be LAYIN YOU DOWN THIS MEANS WAR! [Ozzy Osbourne] Take a look inside You can run and you can hide If you cross my path I'll make sure you feel my wrath Give and you receive Cherish every breath you breathe Scriptures on the wall Those who betray all must fall

All Good?

DE LA SOUL "Art Official Intelligence-Mosa"
[Chaka Khan] Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! Chorus: Chaka Khan (repeat 2X) It ain't all good, and that's the truth Thangs ain't goin like you think they should - it's all on you [Chaka Khan] I don't care about what you think you see the thangs you want to know when you look at me God knows I done been through and paid my dues Can't change how you feel, cause it's - all on you-whoahhha-ohhh-yeah [Dove] I wish that, you could be a little bit more upfront Weigh the situation how you want (right) The lovin that you claim is just a four letter word The third letter's invitin so visualize the verb You curve thoughtways when you're handlin the candleabra so you sittin on the baby grand Transmittin like you're made of man but you paint a funny face like a chick When I see you I'ma tell you quick that uhh.. Chorus 1/2 [Dove] I can't believe we built this large pizza pie together No pepperoni Yeah you wanted extra cheese, sometimes I gave you extras How we divided slices like the Red Sea theory I was Moses hopelessly scorned by your thorn zapora Tried to bring that fairy-tale life, you wanted horror but my microscope couldn't see or cope with that I had to bolt from that, and left you dead in the sea It's better for me, I'm satisfied with reppin for D [Pos] We were certified hot, then dropped to lukewarm Now we back up in the spot, claimin never been gone Niggaz who cut us off, wanna reattach us now (Them girls who brushed us off, say they want some #'s to dial) Yeah I give that ass a number, and some lumber to pile Now catch a curve from my kick (or show me lovin by brick) So stick to the same plan, don't come shakin my hand like we peeps, it ain't beef but be sure to understand Between us, it ain't all.. Chorus [Pos] You see them kids be schemin on what we done copped [Cha] Always out there schemin! [Pos] They steady fiendin for the moment they can get us off the block [Cha] Why they always fiendin? [Pos] Your people might have your back, but you need to watch your front Indeed, ain't nothin guaranteed [Chaka Khan] That's the truth! Things ain't goin like you think they should [Pos] A lot say they wanna walk in my size 10's Aight then; here's a pair Lace 'em up tight then you might feel what was dealt to me You see ain't no young boys up in here; keep a clear head Tryin to keep my pockets on stuffed - like deer heads upon the wall, so all the gall we get from y'all DON'T FAZE So mind your biz and walk away cause I'm never gonna let you up inside my maze [Chaka Khan] I don't care about what you think you see the thangs you want to know when you look at me God knows I done been there and paid my dues I can't change how you feel, cause it's all, on you-whoahhha-ohhhhh Chorus [Chaka Khan ad libs to end]

C To The R

Cross Movement
Hook: It's the C. to the R. to the O.S.S. We make you MOVE with the M. to the E.N.T. We preach the C. to the R. to the O.S.S. Coming at you with the Gospel frequently Verse 1: I'm free from the bondage of having to sin having to give in loving the world's top ten having to not win when I struggle free to love the Lord with all of my might seeing life with all of my sight vision unimpaired and clearer than ever now is my faith, my salvation nearer than ever nearer than when I first believed then when I first received life from the giver well springs spring up inside right from the river (Euphrates style) you fraidy cats prowl on the fence and howl in defense I'd rather find out how to repent to the wildest extent while this world wallows away in there childish events stuck in the mode of thuggin' and livin for the moment livin every moment as the Lord's opponent askin' to be forgivin but givin' poor atonement hopin' the thought that there isn't really more condones it but don't it ever seem strange and deranged to see art work with no author's name on the frame? The wise move is to check to see if the architect has supplied tools to help us dig deeper to fall in-love with a God who could rig Easter to rescue the rest of us from the grim reaper And if you trust Him to save you, you can trust Him to keep ya Repeat Chorus Verse 2: Until then, my dealings and my feelings are controlled by the wheel in the middle of my will, ILL I fell hell would have caught me but Christ came And Blood brought me His love sought me, located me and so faithfully has been Making me what I am now when shall this Lord be seen as responsible for all that my team has that's worth havin' worth grabbin' for with both hands, let go of earth's fabric and come closer than you've ever been to your soul's medicine jettison this world and it's trends then yours' and Christ's life can begin Repeat Chorus Verse 3: I'm not rhymin' because I like to floss I toss mics for Christ then step to the left like a right cross and let Him take the center stage and set the temperature gage and get set to blow the spot like ten grenades ‘cause ever-since a tender age I've moved with the Lord and stayed where the alters and tents were made So even when the temple is raised then set ablaze, I'll stay true and give like the Jews when the tenth was gave Transitionin' it's hard to find a man listenin' to the Lord without raisin' his hand's dissin' Him only true sons see His hand's discipline and have to hand it to Him like “wow' for how he handles them That's when you know you're not ill-legitimate, even when you get ill a little bit Days later you still are feelin' it you don't understand who you dealin' with cause you over there frontin' and actin' like you ain't feelin' it Lookin' all hard and beatin your chest, either come to Christ and live or continue breathin to death Those are the only two options I can suggest, if you can still look at this God and not get impressed. He came from the highest of heights to the deepest of depths to buy us at sin's price so we can be repossessed Repeat Chorus

Give It All You Got

ARLO GUTHRIE "Power Of Love"
by Steve and Carol Ide Let's not sit here, talk about it baby It's got to start in your heart or else it'll pass on by It's what pleases you when your love seems new That puts the light back in your eyes You got what it takes, and I know it make it through CHORUS: You've got to give it all that you got Honey that's the thing to do You've got to give it your best shot Even when the world's closing' in on you It's not an easy life we're livin' But in the end if it's love you're givin' Don't be afraid, don't give it up Give it all you got There's people around who are standin' right by your side Walkin' hand in hand, they could follow you up to the sky But if you leave 'em alone, they'll be on their own And then there'll be reason to try, What's the use payin' dues when you got no reason why CHORUS What do you do when there's so much in you You can't feel the road that you're on Say what needs to be said, get it all out your head And you're back on the road before long CHORUS

Can't Go No Mo

JEREMIH "N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album)"
[Intro x4:] 'Til we can't go no mo Can't go no mo Can't go no mo Can't go no mo Can't go no mo [Verse 1 - Jeremih:] I know you like it on the bed You know I like it when it bounce And when I'm pulling your hair I be pulling tracks out Love fiend, I know what it's about Baby I know what you want and I'm a work it out Oh yeah [Pre-Hook:] Spontaneous, love-making like we're famous Earth shaking, and we're faded I got a whole new plan for you baby Sex-rated [Hook - Jeremih:] Let's stay and turn off the phone It's just you and me girl Don't tell nobody that you're home That's how it's supposed to be girl Ride me like you're coming home You ain't never gotta leave girl Let's go until we can't go no mo [Refrain:] 'Til we can't go no mo Can't go no mo (I be up on your body babe, you all up on my body babe) 'Til we can't go no mo Can't go no mo (And I want you to feel the love as much as you feel the pain) 'Til we can't go no mo Can't go no mo (I be up on your body babe, you all up on my body babe) 'Til we can't go no mo Can't go no mo (And I want you to feel the love...) [Bridge - Jeremih:] No concept of time, I'm too focused Too many places baby we can do it, let a nigga know if you're open Take a little hit of that potion and we gon' be here all night And I got you drippin' like an ocean, that's how I know I'm doing it right Damn right [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Refrain] [Verse 2 - Juicy J:] Baby you know I can do you like nobody else I be swimming in it like Michael Phelps Come with me and see bigger things The kind of things you only see in dreams We can get faded like denim jeans And let your body talk in the limousine Yo, I beat it up like a punching bag Give me one night, I bet you be running back On one when I'm drunk and high I can fuck you all night you gon' need a nap Bring it back in, first show me your secrets You gon' slip out of your Secrets And we can fuck like we're animals Shawty they gon' have to call PETA I just beat it, beat it break you off and leave you speechless 'Til you can't feel your legs turn you into a paraplegic Baby a shot of penicillin ain't as dope as me Shawty we can hit the strip club overseas Yeah, my chick she super freak, she super wet, it's super leak Dripping like she supposed to be [Refrain]

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