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911 lyrics - The Journey

Don't Make Me Wait

Original and similar lyrics
Don't you know I'd do anything for you I'd steal the stars out from the sky above you I would tame a wild hurricane wind If you take this heart of mine Give me a signal, please give me a sign Come on, baby, don't you waste no more precious time In the midnight moonlight shine Don't hold back tonight Give me the green light Chorus: Don't make me wait one more day Don't you forsake this love so great Don't you know I'd walk to heaven's gate Just to hear you say I love you Don't make me wait one more day We've been friends and been so close together But I need more to satisfy this hunger I want your body, mind, spirit, and soul Just let the feeling go Oh, yeah, give me a signal, please give me a sign Come on, baby, don't you waste no more precious time In the midnight moonlight shine Don't hold back tonight Give me the green light Repeat Chorus Don't you forsake this love so great Don't you know I'd walk to heaven's gate Just to hear you say I love you Don't make me wait one more day Baby, let's set the wheels in motion You've got the cure to a heart that's broken Come on, baby, let's seize the moment Just say the words I long to hear spoken Don't make me wait Don't you forsake Repeat Chorus to fade

Real Love

H-Blockx "Time to Move"
I gotta step back, back to see reality remember girls that were my destiny those feelings that were always inside of me always I thought - BAM - there was reality My heart my insight once had a bright light forever I thought but I never know that that kinda love, onesided and not given back would break my heart, yeah and would break my back So never again I vowed to the earth and sea to trust to rely on girls to set love free feel the thing in my heart the way it's been before but life was gonna teach me, down in N.Y.C So my memories full of fear and agony I experienced the way when love is set free revealed by both though never said thru words but this time love failed 'cause distance sealed it Chorus: Think about the Real Love! So I was back, back in the place where I started before not willing to love show feelings no more, wrong time, wrong place they said to myself, what a disgrace 'Cause then it happened, emotions continuity took it's toll prepared todays reality courage and luck on my side and inside of me R-E-A-L-I-T-Y, it's been to me Like a dream I had as a little child with a thousand colours totally wild bleedin' into one embracing themselves brighter and more fluorescent than anything else And now I'm back, back in my reality looking at my life, my love and feel the essence of thruth, ethereal eternity I finally found it, God I love reality! Chorus Real Love is found just once in life Chorus

You To Me Are Everything

The Real Thing
VERSE 1-ohhhhhh, I will take the stars out of the sky 4 u, stop the rain from fallin, if u ask me 2. I'll do anything 4 u, your wish is my command, I could move a mountain, when your hand is in my hand. Ohhhhh, words cannot express how much u mean to me, there must be some other way 2 make u see. If it takes my heart and soul, you know i'll pay the price. Everything that I possess I glady sacrafice. CHORUS - Ohhh, u 2 me r everything, the sweetest song that i could sing, oh baby, oh baby. 2 u i guess i'm just a crowd, who picks u up each time your down, ohh baby. oh baby. BRIDGE - You give me just a taste of love, to build my hopes up high, u know you got the power girl, to keep me holding on. So now u got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me. oh baby, oh baby. VERSE 2 - Emmmm, though u close 2 me, we seem so far apart, maybe given time time, you'll have a change of heart. If it takes forever girl, than i'm prepared to wait. The day you give your love 2 me, won't be a day 2 late. REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS UNTIL FADED

The Only One

112 "Room 112"
(feat. Lil' Kim) [Lil Kim] Catch me in the spot, low C's in the drop About half and ounce, the size of Zip-lock Knockin' the new One-one-deuce I wanna (intro)deuce me and my old flame And his name is Bruce But blew my eye when his girl drove by Told me bye then he winked his eye I'm too Don fo' this, too fly to curse Threw his jacket out first then BAM! Hit reverse [112] Oh, baby You need to know I've been in love And I've never known love like this I need to know Just how you feel Let me know if this love is real I'm tired of wasting time on you So tell me what you wanna do Is it another man holding your hand Why is this a mystery Oh, baby can't you see Girl, you're the only one I'll ever want The only one I'll ever need [repeat] Oh, baby I think it's time for us to grow We've been friends now for far too long The way you kiss, it turns me on Let me know if you feel this strong [Chorus] Give me your love Don't you know that I, I need your love I need you here in my life, baby (everyday) Baby, please, I'll take good care I'll take care of your needs I need you here with me [Lil' Kim] Pretend like we friends And do our own thing (c'mon) We can chitty-bang-bang But let the phone ring (I like this) From the first night, knew you wasn't true Ex-girl came through, she said she miss you (uh, huh) Panties in the bathroom sink, hot pink (hot pink) What's a girl like me supposed to think (c'mon) I'm a Bad Girl (Bad Girl) You shady I get shady (shady) To up your old lady and proposing us to stay still friends [Repeat Chorus until fade]

Crying For Attention

Graham Parker "Another Grey Area"
Intro F#m E A (3 times then D) (D) A E A Can you hear me? D A E A D Baby can you hear me? A E A Who do you think I'm talking to? D A E A D Is there anyone else near me? F#m Precious things come in my path Like new clothes for me to try on In the end they make me laugh E In the beginning they are something to rely on CHORUS A E D I'm not crying for attention Baby A E D I'm not crying for attention Baby A E D E I'm not crying for attention I'm screaming to be heard D A E A D Everybody's listening but you (D) A E A What's the matter? D A E A D Well there is no need to flatter A E A How do I get you to take notice? D A E A D Do I have to break and shatter? F#mm When I feel that I am driven Over the edge where it's all hidden I hang my head and hit a table or a chair E I know my place I just can't stay there CHORUS BRIDGE Dm A Dm A It's your loving example I need to receive Dm A E I need more than a handful Give it to me A A D A E A D Hey sometimes everybody has to be the centre of attraction A E A D A E A D But I I I I never expect any satisfaction A D A D A D And I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying E Not crying for attention CHORUS I'm not crying for attention Baby I'm not crying for attention Don't even say I am I'm not crying REPEATS AND FADES with A E D over crying

Trade It All Ft Jagged Edge

Fabolous talking) Fabolous, Jagged Edge, don't be fool, I'd rather have you ma' Than everything, I'd give it all, just for you, yeah You're the one baby girl, I've never been so sure(butt sex ahh) Your skin's so pure, the type men go for The type I drive the Benz slow for The type I be beepin the horn, rollin down the windows for Never been no whore So to get you in closed doors, I buy you everything in those stores This, that, and those yours As long as Fabolous the only one you let that grin show for You ain't gotta spend no more, I'm a put a rock on your hand You ain't gotta say we just friends no more I shine, you shine, it never been no flaws I ain't like most who just wanna get in those drawers 'Cause every king need a queen And with me and you girl I ain't tryna let a thing in between It ain't a thing, nahmean, chicks hate, show 'em the ring and the green And let your middle finger be seen, it's on (Chorus - Jagged Edge) Girl I'd trade it all, money, cars and everything All, even give up my street dream (my dream) All, anything to have you on my team (I don't care baby) All, baby girl I'd trade it all (I'd trade it, yeah) Even give up my good green All, and I'd give the watch and pinky ring (oh yeah) All, anything to have you on my team All, baby girl I'd trade it all (Fabolous) Uh, don't front ma', you know the way I ball's to pick and roll Like Stockton and Malone when we play the mall I be goin out my way to call 'Cause I love the way your hips make your jeans seem like they too small Them see-through tops with your titties exposed When you kick off them shoes there ain't bitty whose toes as pretty as those That blonde hair look good, straight down, bun or the braids And I ain't gon' talk about them light-browns under your shades Bust right, thus tight Got a thick set of thighs and struts like......uh Yo' the game taught this brother to mack But I think I slipped when I saw them full lips covered with Mac You got everything that others would lack Along with the F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S Your patience I personally admire 'Cause I started out a player now I'm 'bout to have my jersey retired, for real (Chorus) There ain't no mights or maybe I done did wrong, so I'm a make sure it's right for my baby You know how tight that my day be And how long and stressin them flights to L.A. be Ain't no rumor gon' get back to your friends Before I let a nigga disrespect you I be back in the pen Front to back you a ten You got me thinkin 'bout puttin a car seat in back of the Benz, uh (Chorus) 3x

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