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3 Little Women lyrics - 3LW

I'm Gonna Make You Miss Me

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[Intro] Hey (yeah) Ehh (what) Hey, yeah yeah C'mon (c'mon) (Here we go) Everyday I see you With some girlfriend, yeah You think I could care less About it (care less about it) I could keep it secret Keep playing pretend, oh But the way I feel you, I doubt it No more waiting, hesitating It's gauranteed 1 - I'm gonna make you miss me You're gonna wanna kiss me I'm gonna make you miss me All of the time Boy you wanna get with me You know you can't resist me I'm gonna make you miss me 'Til you are mine (Verse two, check it out) You're about to find out I get what I want Once I've made up my mind (Made up my mind, oh) Gonna let you see me Turning it on That'll make you open your eyes Your eyes You'll be pulling You'll be pulling Passionately, cuz Repeat 1 'Til you are mine You've gotta know that something's up I'll show you how I could love you I'll turn it on (I'll turn it on) Then I'll be gone (then I'll be gone) But only 'til you come through And feel the way that I do, oh I'm gonna make you love me baby (yeah, yeah) I wanna hear you call my name (say again, say again) Not gonna stop until you say it (say it) All of the... (time) I'm gonna make you love me baby (what, what) I wanna hear you call my name (Keelay) Not gonna stop until you say it (uh) All of the time Repeat 1 Repeat 1

That's What I Love About Sunday's

Raymond's in his Sunday best, He's usually up to his chest in oil an' grease. There's the Martin's walkin' in, With that mean little freckle-faced kid, Who broke a window last week. Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off key in the pew behind me. That's what I love about Sunday: Sing along as the choir sways; Every verse of Amazin' Grace, An' then we shake the Preacher's hand. Go home, into your blue jeans; Have some chicken an' some baked beans. Pick a back yard football team, Not do much of anything: That's what I love about Sunday. I stroll to the end of the drive, Pick up the Sunday Times, grab my coffee cup. It looks like Sally an' Ron, finally tied the knot, Well, it's about time. It's 35 cents off a ground round, Baby. cut that coupon out! That's what I love about Sunday: Cat-napping on the porch swing; You curled up next to me, The smell of jasmine wakes us up. Take a walk down a back road, Tackle box and a cane pole; Carve our names in that white oak, I steal a kiss as the sun fades, That's what I love about Sunday, Oh, yeah. Ooh, new believers gettin' baptized, Momma's hands raised up high, Havin' a Hallelujah good time A smile on everybody's face. That's what I love about Sunday, Oh, yeah. That's what I love about Sunday, Oh, yeah.

Somebody's Gonna Love You

LEE GREENWOOD "God Bless The U.S.A.: The Best of Lee Greenwood"
Lonely lady living down the hall Don't you have any friends at all I never hear a knocking at your door Could it be you just don't try anymore? You've been hurt so seriously You act so cold but it's so easy to see You're a waste of real good love But you can't hide or run fast enough Chorus: Somebody's gonna love you, no matter what you do Somebody's gonna find all the pieces of a broken heart Hidden inside of you Somebody's gonna touch you, it's just a matter of time And if you're ever gonna try love again, it might as well be mine I know exactly how a heartache feels It's gonna take a little time to heal Why must you hide away inside yourself You could mean so much to someone else Every night while you're sittin' at home You may be lonely but you're not alone There's a whole world full of people out there Waiting on someone like you to care Chorus Chorus (fade)

Something Special

DUSTY SPRINGFIELD "Stay Awhile / I Only Want To Be With You"
(Dusty Springfield) The first time we met It was so plain to see I didn't care for you You didn't seem to care for me, oh, no, no, no, no The next time we met I thought He's kinda nice That look that you gave me Simply started to melt the ice, oh, oh, yeah And then when you smiled that smile And then when we kissed, said Wait awhile I got a feeling, ahh, that you are something special And now we're together and the world just passes us by Yet every little thing you do makes me sigh with joy That boy is mine I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life With the kind of lovin' that's untouched By hand and strife Come on now, I'm gonna tell you That when, oh, when I see your face, yeah And, oh, when I'm in your warm embrace I know for sure our love is something special It is, yeah, yeah, yeah Right now When I see your face, oh yeah And, oh, when I'm in your warm embrace I know for sure Our love is something special Come on now Our love is something special Oh yeah Our love is something special Oh right now Our love is something special Ooh yeah Out love is something special

You Can't Win

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
[Puff Daddy] Ladies and gentleman (Come on throw your hands in the air like this one time) One-two, this thing on right here (We ain't gonna stop) Can y'all hear me out there (And we want every one in this motherfucker to get out their seat) Ladies and gentleman without further adieu (It's our time) I'd like to introduce to you, my bitch [Lil' Kim] Fuck that, bitches don't deserve to rap I'm back, and I'm about to murder cats Trying to take my crown, I ain't letting that go down I cop the four pound and go the whole twelve rounds, yeah You broke hoes need to throw in the towel Life's a wheel of fortune and y'all can't buy a vowel Who me That's none of your concern Like ashes in the urn, more money to burn Damn my ass is firm, stay away from germs Pussy flawless, get wetted in worms If you only knew like Aaliyah How your man be hawking me and stalking me When he fucking you he see me Every crack valve or record he sell I get a piecey Easy, believe me, my words is credible Ask Nat Cole huh, I'm unforgettable Don't let the QB get a hold of your guy Sex him well, get him high, he might fuck around and die [1 - Lil' Kim] I guess you know by now who's number one Brooklyn, Brooklyn that's where I'm from (Number one) So if you got beef better think again (Number one) Cause you can't win (You can't win) [Repeat 1] Your so called vendetta was light like birds' feathers Even with an umbrella, you can't stop my hurricane I moved on to bigger and better things Y'all still making minimum wage First on stage, like the ever I graze Leave you amazed And keep the fifth by the rib cage All you jealous ass holes is rebellious ass holes Still trying to recoup from the first album ass holes You's a gangster, prove it Wanna shoot me, do it That's word than Jerry McGuire I'll set that ass on fire That's how you work with barbed wire Carve my name in your face Pour gas-o-line on you and drop you at the gas station Y'all chicks ain't blind, I shine like polyeurotheme Cocoa butter creme That's the gleam of drugs baby like codeine Low self esteem, eh-eh, the flows excellent Your's is satisfactory return them to the factory I mean practically, the shit is whack for me Mama bear, finally out of hibernating Here to tell you chicks to stop tailgating [Repeat 1 (2x)] [Lil' Kim] It's the B-I-G-M-A-M-A Often tipsy, cabin in Percipsy I've been in this shit since Biz hit the, one-two Nothing left to do Move it in there, cathedral ceilings Don't come to my house, it might hurt your feelings P Diddy introduced me to the business side Fired me a few mill and a couple of oil spills That's how we do it, you chicks is no thrill Doin' it Flinstones style, car with no wheels Still on tricycles, riding bicycles Our diamonds be so white they look like icicles I'm getting sick and tired of hearing all these rough drafts On the countdown, don't make me laugh Got my own company, I'm chief of the staff They say we twins then I'm the better half I'm nasty worse than Howard Stern This court is adjourned And now it's your turn bitch [Repeat 1 (2x)] [Puff Daddy] Can you feel me I just wanna know if y'all can feel me I just wanna know if y'all can feel me out there It's not a game, we're back And this time we're not going anywhere Number one, that's my bitch Recognize! Ya feel me Yeah, yeah, yeah


SPARKLE "Told You So"
I'm tired of sittin' here thinkin' bout you Where you goin', who you wit, and why you ain't called yet When the next set a table for two With massage, roses and everything You used to give me, now is gone Out of my mind is where I don't belong Already said be careful what you do to me Cuz it might come back to you 1 - Why you wanna play games, I ain't got time Ya see, I can play it better than ya Makin' me feel like I should play the same games Do you really wanna? Still playin' games, I ain't got time Ya see, I can play it better than ya Makin' me feel like I should play the same games Do you really wanna? You know I could be out there doin' the fool With the next nigga wanna spend some time with me Even though I'd rather be with you It's like, outta sight, outta mind What do you expect for me to feel I ain't got the time to sit and fade around Thinkin' bout where you goin', why you ain't called Who you wit, whachu doin' And I don't know what you talkin' about You say you need some time to find yourself It only sounds like another excuse Must be someone else That you been givin' all your time Probably trickin' every dime While I pay the car note, pay the rent Pay the phone bill You really need to stop your playin' games Repeat 1 2 - See, if I didn't answer my cell Would you trip out? And if I didn't answer my page Would you freak out? If I stayed all night at the club Would you bug out? And if I had numbers in my pants Would you check out? If I put my girls before you Would you stress out? Late night calls from my ex Would you be out? Tricks are for kids silly rabbit, I'm grown Please take your games, go on Play it on your own Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 2 See, I can play it better

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