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2PAC lyrics - Thug Life

Raise Up Off These Nuts

Original and similar lyrics
2Pac, Dwanye Wiggins, Silky---Raise Up Off These Nuts from Heat (Compilation album) [Hook:] Raise up off these nuts, a little bit Just a little bit Raise up off these nuts, a little bit [2Pac] I'm smokin these niggas like they endo Breakin em like they windows And still they rip till they get a whiff Of this shit that I kick And if they ever had a notion to stop me Treat your best shot and get dropped With your posse, nigga I got the ?mott? I'm takin em out, a lot I got More than you could pop I'm rockin the spot, so now they jock Dump em and get dropped 2Pac ain't tryin to hear it, Ox Screamin at your box I'm swearin at ya not so uh Static is the last thing you need when you see me Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me Nigga, I'm a whole posse rolled into one shot Takin on your gat while your girl gets hot and rocks the spot Fear funky flavor with the gift that only God gave Hold it to my grave I'd rather die than be a slave Slaves come as dope dealers Some come as addicts Some come to run while the others cause static [Hook] [???] I'm comin up outta the cut Sendin slugs to the guts I'm bustin up outta the page cuz they got me locked up I'm tryin to survive but there's too many playa hatin haters Always want static, like boom holla at ya later Homie this ain't no love in this town that I come from Niggas be wantin funkin then I stomp em, they don't want none Girls be on my jock and they playin me for that But fool I can't help it cuz I was raised up like a mack Jealous because I'm black, Jack wanna jack me And Jill wants to marry me and watch the Klan bury me Got to pack the steel for the personal protection AK, 45's, assault rifles, Smith Wesson I'm no longer stressin Learnin, gotta live long (..?..) thanks God that I'm still strong Get a bag a spliffs for the homies, blaze up all of these But if you wanna flex, get in my Kool Aid punks, raise up offa these [Hook] [Silky] Just back the fuck up of me, cuz you can't get none a these It's that OG female comin straight up out the PP's So step to the side then raise the fuck up off me, brah Cuz if I take it to that level I'ma light this motherfucker up Now it's on you, you better try to lose your shit Cuz if you don't, trust me I got you trick You better try to choose it and lose it Stay outta mine 'fore this shit get way stupid These niggas I fuck with believe in passin gats Can't leave hoe, without my strap Not givin a fuck about nothin Slidin through the spot with my face mask muggin Lookin motherfuckers up and down It ain't a future in your frontin Why these fat niggas floatin around? What happened to them real motherfuckin G's? Fake motherfuckers need to raise up offa these [Hook] X 2

If You Want It

NOREAGA "Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler"
I guess it's my turn again, so I'mma do it again 3X Chorus 2X: Noreaga If you want it, you can get it Is you wit it, say what, what, what, what I guess it's my turn again, so I'mma do it again Film flap with different languages, and bottles of gin I hear the crowd say what what, support my ass I hear the crowd say what what, and shake they ass Get a jump off, jumped off, and bounce with me Say what Why don't y'all just bounce with me Yo why don't everybody bounce with me Niggas bounce, ladies bounce, just bounce with me Meet me at the hotel, smoke a ounce with me Heard you holla holla, so I holla back I heard this cat got a track, said I'm weak in my rap How could stupid say that, when I brought him back He need to slow down, and get off that crack Aiyo, he ain't a thug and he never was I had beef with his hood, where the hell he was Yo forget that though, let's play tic tac toe I throw the mic in the crowd when I'm whippin the show I throw the mic in the crowd when I'm rippin the show Chorus 2X Yo let me do it like one more time, one more time Get the crowd hype like one more rhyme Man listen, I'm just tryin glisten Yo fresh off parole, straight outta prison Get a green in the crib, yo, to revive me Huh, every other day when I'm feelin grimy Proud to be home, rock diamonds grown If you don't believe ask Lil' Jerome I did songs with Keith Sweat to R. Kelly Me, Mya and Raekwon, video for Belly Pun and Joe, Nas and Nature Me, Bus, Cam, and the Lox made prettier knots We got people's that's connected, while ya got half knots The only gang you connected to is Neighborhood Watch So what what, keep the motivation Fuck you nigga, and the Tenants Assosiation Chorus 2X Keep ya shit together, yo ya things attached Yo ya lyrics is hot, ya hooks is wack Check Feds magazine, see me cover the back Yo I outpar Rich Porter, AZ, Gangsta Lou And that nigga Tone Capone O.T., yo you know nigga phone on roam Gangsta shit, watch when 'Pone come home Fuck them other niggas, other niggas shoot them own Rather shoot myself, then shoot my clone Make them suck the gun nigga, suck on chrome On ya mark get set go, yo now you can run Fuck the Presidente/President Day, I got the platinum one I'm like Kiko from the pub, yo I pour you a drink Now assassin in your cup, and you ain't even think

Be All You Can Be

Mac "Shell Shocked"
[Silkk] [Fiend] Yo, it's ya boy Silkk. Hey, hey. (?) Know what I'm sayin? I got Fiend and Mac in here. These soldiers, warriors Know what I'm sayin? And survivors know but We're in serious times. [Chorus - Fiend] I said all our soldiers in the streets Life ain't always guaranteed (There's no guarantee) Some of this aimed for you and me But it's a ghetto war So be all you can be [Fiend] That's why your big brother Fiend gon holler And I really meant, I don't wanna be here if I don't gotta Not tryin to discourage, a lotta But look in my eyes Even though we camouflaged I can't disguise the pain we got inside That's why I ride all night Smokin till I can't smoke no more Wanna forget some of the shit we saw With that old dirty four oh Wanna give money to the poor folk But got one eighty and one quarter Splitin that three ways That's between my momma, sister and her daughter [Chorus] X 2 [Mac] This life shit is way so serious Don't wanna question you Lord, but I'm so curious I sleep amongst killers I don't know who to trust I meet beucoup bitches and now it's cool to fuck I made it from nothin to havin little change Now niggas in my hood they look at me strange I live for the moment cuz I'm afraid of my future Don't let me die, oh Lord why I look myself in my eyes and I see why thugs cry Shell shocked, I get that from my pops And he told me keep it cocked, so I keep it cocked Life is but a dream and we all seein And if seein is believin, don't wake me up this evening Woah! [Chorus] X 2 [Silkk] All I know, is I don't wanna go But I don't wanna be here either If I gotta be here killin and sellin dope The world is a ghetto And I be wonderin if y'all could be feelin my pain Tryin to put it down the best way I know how When I'm gone y'all can remember my name If I die tomorrow, don't be sorry Let it be known I told the truth And never know what's gon happen when I'm done rappin Doin my song, in this booth And if I die, tell P he keeps my legacy alive My chance was slim And if it had to happen, let it be known I'm glad it happened to me, instead of them Now desperate times call for desperate measures Ain't no pleasure in killin Ain't no pleasure either in going without feedin for weeks Have you ever had that feeling? No guarantees, Lord please, can't bring back the past Can't buy time either, so I guess what's the use of havin cash? And look now, penitentiary's packed With niggas who had dreams to be rich Man spend a little bit, have a little something Dead men can't spend shit I'll trade some of this money for this pain Trade some of this money for this fame P nigga you think it's easy dog But it ain't cuz I been with you throughout this game [Mo B Dick] I thought we could flip keys together I thought we could make g's together Now I know what's going on I gotta make these dollars all night long I thought you saw the bigger picture How could you betray your closest nigga? How can I ever trust you again? Tell me, man [Silkk] Yo Fiend, yo Mac. It's real. Gotta be able to do it. So many niggas wanna see you fall dog. We gon ball y'all, for real.

Tha Man

[Juvenile] I'ma stay thuggin, how I came is how I leave When I say somethin, best believe that's how it be Motherfuckers, too - yeah I said it, nigga, I mean it Bitch was dressed in gangsta and switch, wodie, I seen it One of these Juvie-fuckin' hoes gon' get you caught up Me, I wear ReeBoks and Girbauds, and play it smarter If them boys in tha ben, they go bluckahda on tha block I'ma be gettin' somewhere, your ass gonna get shot You paid 1500... I paid 5999 Got diamonds and Rolexes that shine at tha same time I ain't scared... but I ain't dumb, and I ain't stupid I know how ta survive in tha project and how ta do shit If I hit a hustle I ain't tellin' tha biz 'Cause tha witness will tell them people who tha murderer is Your main man'll put four or five to your wig Take tha Coke can and throw you off the side of the bridge Gotta be able to think, gotta know when to move out Gotta read through the lines, gotta know what these hoes 'bout Gotta separate your business from your family and friends Gotta bust a nigga head if he plottin to do you in I done did dirt, so I know what's tha consequences Let my shit burst, tryin' ta knock out a nigga denchures Always keep cool to see through these fools Cause we do the shit that people see on the news So, follow me now into a world of stress Where wodie tryin' ta get it all 'cause he don't settle for less Ain't satisfied 'til all of his beef is put to rest Slangin' that iron... with a soldier rag on his neck And credit for they people in case they wanna connect He ain't hidin'.. he still ridin'.. in the 'jects He gotta be willin' to play tha game 'til his death Nigga bangin'.. hit you in your brain, now who next I be cool at all times and acknowledge.. when I'm wrong Shit I went through when tha Feds got my game real small I'm not tha smartest motherfucker walkin But I can tell a fake motherfucker when he talkin My daddy always told me, 'Boy, don't be a follower You got a lot of pride, but some you need to swallow up You keep that attitude, you won't see tomorrow, bruh' I soak it up, and got better as a hustler [Lil' Turk] I'm a head buster, a straight up Nolia nigga Young thugger Fuck up, I show ya, nigga, that I don't play Keep a K for protection With fifty... never run without my weapon I stand out here, tie ducked with bandanas I show no fear, what'chu 'bout we can handle I'm real as they came, a untamed guerrilla 'Bout bustin' your brains, whoever be wit'cha I have no pics, I split your shit Whoever you with, I'ma split they shit Ya steal or get stole, wet or get wet Bust or get bust on, move a chest or lose a chest Try not to miss when you cock back and shoot You shoot and miss, then it's all on you Ain't no game, it's real dog, live or ya die Real in tha field, dog, ya live or ya die Even though I'm a lil' bitty nigga Look, I got big nuts and they hang low, nigga I ain't scared ta bust Want beef, let me know.. and look, we can tear this bitch up You or me.. me or you.. gon' bite tha dust Wuz up, nigga Wuz up, nigga You afraid, go ta church, I ain't scared at all Lose your head, fuck with Turk, 'cause I'm knockin' it off I'ma keep my hands clean, ride for some change Niggas gon' ride for me, niggas that's untamed Niggas who bang that heroin, or snort that cocaine Niggas out that project don't mind sprayin' thangs Fools who that slang that iron for me (When tha beef start) When tha beef start, ride for me You ready to ride for me

M-town Representatives F Hypnotize Camp Posse

Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69"
[DJ Paul] Niggas you roll them dice You better except how they fall Nigga you fucking wit Juice Nigga you fucking wit Paul Nigga you fucking wit Boo Nigga you fucking wit Black Lil bitch you fucking wit Lord Lil bitch you fucking wit Pat Nigga you fucking wit Roc Nigga you fucking wit Chat And if you fuck wit La Chat We blow your chest through your back And if you fuck wit anyone else I dont give a fuck Because they dont plead and breed HCP nigga what [Lord Infamous] I always leave them in suspense Better put up your defense cause this .44's intense Niggas catch a body risk Bloody glock bloody trench Bloody bodies on the fence Bloody legion, all you bitches bloody six is in the midst Oh my Lord, Infamous Cock the hammer let it split I'm the damager carnage I'm the razor in your wrist I'm the medicine you hit Got you fucking throwing fits Kicking chairs and swinging fists How long can you get to this? Play [Crunchy Black] It started way back when a nigga was a kid I stick and move my nigga That's the shit that I did I broke a few fucking bones And I cast few stones I pulled a few fucking tone Man that shit went wrong You got me stuck in the zone When a nigga doing wrong I pop you once in your head with that goddamn chrome Don't give a fuck motherfucker If your family moarn Shouldna stepped to me dawg Shouldna stepped to me at all You weak busta! [Project Pat] A mistaken ID Wanna put me in the po-key Cuz I'm on parole Police swearing that they know he Had to do the shit Cuz Project Pat is a convict Whose North Memphis raised Hood bred taking no shit If I did the hit You'll be left okey dokey Still selling dope on the motherfucking lowski When I pull the tone After that squeeze the trigger On any punk bitch or a ho ass nigga! [La Chat] See I'ma go and have to kill a bitch Empty the clip I guess that's the only way Or I'ma have to buy you a lick La Chat aint with that bullshit I be burying hoes And I'ma do it for the weather bitch Fuck a low low Man I'm a mean bitch I tell ya I done been there done that It aint no mission I cant finish Nothing aint too tough for Chat So if you catch me slippin ho Fuck me wearing a mask Cuz once I know its you fo sho I'ma cremate ya ass [Juicy J] Can a nigga get chosen Knees kinda cold Have you seen a memphis playa Ride bentley rose I done told ya that I'm always gonna stand on ten toes With a liquor bottle, crack, and a blunt already rolled My cologne smell the curb Just superb on these hoes Hanging with these Memphis killas With that candy round they nose On my neck on my wrist Is that jewelry that be froze On my face is my cardier shades and my golds [T-Roc] Is this a stain to be making? It's a T-Roc creation No roofer sniper you facing I'm like an offspring of Satan My innovation of danger From the slugs of the chamber Keep more guns than a ranger Prepared to mangle a stranger My competition deleted From verbal telekenisis Placing bodies in ditches And leave them stinking like fecis Once the list is depleted Fold my dollars like creaces My coalition is the Hypnotize Camp Its no secret nigga! [Gangsta Boo] If I go leave me a stain I got two glocks and a blunt Bout to let you bitches know That Gangsta Boo don't give a fuck I got diamonds on my wrist I got diamonds in my teeth Is it a bird? Is it a bee? Can you bitches picture me? Talking shit about Ms. Lady When you know you wanna fuck Ya'll round town clowing Doing donuts in the truck Got you bitches to the flo' Got the nigga take his dough I be Mrs. Where Da Dollas At? You hatas know the score I be ballin ATL I hit round up on the cell Got them meet me at the swiss And bring some niggas to the tale Might as well go on playa Ya'll aint ready for the gangsta ho I be rippin bitches Like guerilla, murder, kill ho I dont give a fuck What you groupies say up in the streets Catch me off in gucci sheets Sleeping living luxury Just to give you hoes All the answers you been waiting fo I remain the undisputed champ Nigga ye aint know? Ha Ha...Bitch!

Galactic Love

ACTION BRONSON "Mr. Wonderful"
Do me a favor, with that, light the candle. Is that the Hawaiian Rayman? Aight I get the same one every single time, I don't understand this At the piano with a glass of pino All red silk like I'm nino Custom made shit, I weight 140 kilos Sneeze on 100G's, hoes on their knees blow from Montego The way my hair look you swear my name was Rodrigo Lay low, if you can't do it then just say no If you ain't built to play this game then you get halo'd I put a lot of fiends in k-holes Hello Hi What's up mama? I just watched *boing* perform How do you feel about it? They ain't you baby hahaha, you're better than all these shit heads I'm just a bastard with a bad habit Bad back in a black Volkswagen Rabbit Shit I gotta have it Black magic woman put a spell on me Fuck around and win a spelling bee I could walk under ladders, still won the lotto Ten minutes flat, built a boat in a bottle Roy Rodgers baffle, sniffin' coke with a model Told her to Google me, shit I might paint the Cougar green All this lechuga in my jeans I still see Freddy Kruger in my dreams Ain't nothin' moving but the cream Shit, know I do it for team I just wanna hear em announce your name, that's all I care about How's your knee? My knee is... It's not bad these past few days You been alright? That's all I care about Took a meeting up at Paramount Typecast as a romantic lead I'm classically trained for drug dealing But I wasn't good at drug dealing So I flipped shit, rug, ceiling Dry water, five daughters all stood 5'4" Or got 5 quarters for the store Fuck knows what I'm saying anymore mane, my mind is shot, been working so motherfuckin' hard. So I'm bout to light this motherfuckin' dab up. Til the next time, peace

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